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Frame Rate
Episode 95

Frame Rate 95: Don't believe anyone, ever

DISH in talks with Viacom about internet TV, Netflix just for kids on iPad, Barnes & Noble launching Nook video, SmartStick, and more.


Intro Video


Big Story

Another Big Story

Slip Stream

Film Falm

Winter Movie Draft

  • Looper did not do well

What We’re Watching

  • Tom: Looper, Dr. Who (mid season finale), Fringe
  • Brian: Sons of Anarchy, Tears of Steel (short film)
  • Scott Wilkinson: End of Watch


  • Jason Scott - Xbox360 has the same DVR option as the WiiU console.
  • Casey Barns - Got a Roku to just use the Aerio service. She was disappointed in the 10 ft experience.

Notable Quotes

"I actually have a nice 10Gb/s" - referencing his upload speed at home @.@ - Tom Merritt (time:30:52)



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