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Frame Rate
Episode 96

Frame Rate 96:

Intro Video

The Big Story

Another Big Story

Yet Another Big Story

Slip Stream

Tube Tops

Film Falm

Movie Draft

What we're Watching

  • Brian Brushwood, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, Snatch, Clerks, Sons of Anarchy... and OMG LOOPER!!!
  • Tom Merritt, Haven


I've tried to get into the new YouTube stations. I'm not aware of a place to go to get an accurate, up-to-date listing of channels, program times, etc. Are you guys aware of anything like this? It seems like with the explosion of online video it would be nice if there was a place to go to keep up with all of it.

Thanks, David S Greensboro, NC

Tom, one word: What?!

"A very unique way to wrap up Amy's Story"

What about Rose? And to a certain degree, Donna? Rose = Alive and Well, but stuck somewhere the doctor can't get to (due to some high science thing) Donna = Alive and Well, but the doctor can't see her (due to some high science thing) Amy = Alive and well, but the doctor can't see her (due to some high science thing)

Jacob Law

Have you guys seen Ark? Its a great little web series on Hulu with great production value and effects. Its only downside is it that there is only one season so far and it's all set up. Maybe you should get the director Trey Stokes on FR. Did I mention that it stars Gabrielle (Renee O'Conner) and the set was used in Firefly.

Best regards Atomsk

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