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Frame Rate
Episode 97

Frame Rate 97:

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How can you not see this?! You are the folks that tell me what to watch. I don't see why it matters that there is YouTube ""TV Guide"" channel hole. I think that you are already doing this but on a more grand scale than just YouTube.

Keep up the Awesome,


Okay Tom you have managed to really tick me off and ruined my whole day with your argument over time travel. First of let me point out your gigantic sized logical flaw. Both of these statements cannot possibly be true.

1. It's physics! " When arguing that your view on time travel is correct". 2. That we know about!"" When Brain Brushwood said that there is no time travel except forward

If we do not know of any time travel except forward then we do not know the physics except forward. Yes I have heard and read all about theoretical time travel but everyone of those are untested theories without any experimental data to back them up. The simple truth is that travel back in time is most probably impossible because it would violate causality and just about every law of physics. And what really ticks me off is that your dumb rant meant that Brian Brushwood was right and I really hate it when Brian Brushwood is the reasonable one and you are the crackpot. It upsets my entire world view.

On and not all explosions in space would be silent. Sound is carried by a medium like air. Explosions are the fast expansion of a gas. So if you blew up a large enough target close enough to you then you would be hit by the expanding gas in the form of a shock wave. So you would hear a boom, thud, or if close enough you would be blown apart. Most explosions would be small enough and far enough away that you would not experience them but some of the big booms from Scifi like the Death Star destroying Alderan could have lead to an observer hearing a boom. Of course that would depend on distance and how much damping was in the hull of your ship.

Really do enjoy the show but stop arguing about time travel!


I'm a regular listener, and big fan of the show. During your story last week discussing the new nightly newscast from The Washington Post, Tom remarked that this is a way for cord cutters to experience a traditional style newscast. I have always considered myself a cord cutter, who watches nightly news using a digital tuner and over the air HD broadcast.

Now I'm worried that watching ""regular TV"" doesn't make me as cutting edge as I thought I was. Am I just a cord cutting poseur? Is cord cutting more than just not paying a cable or Satellite service? Do cord cutters cease to watch traditional network tv all together? I still watch the majority of shows on demand over the internet, but use the antenna when I just want to see what's on. I would love to hear an official ruling from the two de facto cord cutting experts on weather real cord cutters use an antenna.

Love the show"


I watch a few YouTube premium channels and my gripe is that you can't just subscribe to a show you have to subscribe to the entire channel. What I don't like about this is that I have to scroll a lot to find the new episodes of the shows I like amongst all the other shows on that channel I don't watch. With a channel like The Nerdist it's sometimes takes a lot of scrolling to find the new episodes of 4 Points.

Love the show.

Thomas in Chicago."

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