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Frame Rate 99:

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As of October 24th, I am an official cord cutter. My wife and I decided to cancel our DirecTV subscription and go with just our Roku augmented by whatever free OTA channels we could receive. I spent a lot of time researching antennas when, one evening while looking through junk in my garage, I came across an old VHF antenna I had saved many years ago. I climbed up on the roof, disconnected the coax cable from the DirecTV dish and connected it to the VHF antenna and masterfully attached it to the now non-functional dish with duct tape.

Reception is perfect and I get all 18 local channels that says I should get with a passive antenna. Being a scrounger and saver of old crap, I couldn't be more pleased. My new antenna is shown in the attached photos and yes, I do plan to attach it more permanently in the future (maybe). An additional plus is, because I simply connected into the existing coax going from the old dish into the house, both of our TVs get signals from this antenna.

So far, I don't miss DirecTV at all (and am extremely happy about saving $99 a month). We had found over the last couple years that the vast majority of our TV watching was through the Roku anyway. Regular TV shows that we did watch or DVR were just from a few from channels that we now get for free from the antenna. I do plan to add a DVR in the loop at some point but I can do that anytime.

Thanks for the great show.


"Tom, Tom, Tom...(in a disappointing voice),

Long time fan, short term critic. I was extremely disappointed on how cavalierly you dropped several major spoilers to the Argo movie. I intended on going to see the movie and possibly to your surprise I didn't know the story of Argo. For you to declare if their attempts would be successful or not, even to the point of describing the final scene of the movie showed an indifference to your audience. I hope the Movie Drafts, of which I am a willing participate in has not caused you to look at movies as only millions per dollar spent and not the storytelling events that they are to the general public. I am not a media troll just looking for a reason to complain. I was TRULY shocked and disappointed. It is ok though. Still a huge fan of the nation. But as I tell my kids, 'When you know better, blah, blah, blah.'


The actual rules of watching episodes on BBC iPlayer is that if you are watching the LIVE streams without a TV licence; you ARE breaking the law. If you are watching catchup TV on iPlayer WITHOUT a TV licence, you ARE NOT breaking the law. For ITV player, 4OD, and Demand 5 you do not need to have a TV Licence to watch their content. This is how students like me avoid paying the licence fee and watch TV. You need to buy a TV licence per house if you are receiving live TV through an Ariel, cable or satellite. TV licensing companies do give you letters to remind you to pay if you watch live TV but you only have to prove you don't stream if they take you to court. I hope that clears it up for you and Love the show


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