Futures in Biotech 46

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Futures in Biotech
Episode 46

Futures in Biotech 46: Towards Computers That Think

An interview with Dr. Terrence Sejnowski about theoretical and computational biology and neurobiology.


  • Marc Pelletier, Ph.D.
    • Host of Futures in Biotech, VP-CSO Aeromics, LLC, Adjunct Assistant Professor- Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
    • http://futuresinbiotech.com/
  • Dave Brodbeck, Ph.D.
    • Host of Thunderbirdsix, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Psychology, Algoma University, Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada
    • http://thunderbirdsix.org/


  • Terrence Sejnowski, Ph.D.
    • Francis Crick Professor and the Director of the Crick-Jacobs Center for Theoretical and Computational Biology at the Salk Institute, San Diego, CA, Director of the Computational Neurobiology Laboratory
    • http://www.cnl.salk.edu/

Notable Quotes





This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession by Daniel J. Levitin (ABRIDGED)
Narrated by Edward Herrman

Ad times: 0:27-0:37 and 29:26-32:28

Production Information

  • Recorded Date: September 4, 2009
  • Release Date: September 7, 2009
  • Duration: 56:25
  • Log Line:
  • Edited by: Erik
  • Notes:
    • Used new FCP template
    • Used PGM2

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