Futures in Biotech 74

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Futures in Biotech
Episode 74

Futures in Biotech 74: Cancer and Aging: Rival Demons with Dr. Judith Campisi

Dr. Judith Campisi's scientific investigations are at the nexus between cancer and aging. She seeks to better understand how cellular senescence contributes to the pathophysiology of aging.



Dr. Judith Campisi's work is at the nexus of Aging and Cancer; She has made important strides in elucidating mechanisms of cellular aging, genome stability and anti-cancer genes.

Dr. Campisi received her PhD in Biochemistry from the State University New York at Stony Brook and postdoctoral training at the Harvard Medical School. She holds a joint appointment at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where she is a Senior Scientist. She has received several awards for her pioneering work on cellular senescence and aging and most recently was designated a Laureate of the Ipsen Foundation and winner of the Ipsen 2010 Longevity Prize.


One of the most important discoveries made by Dr. Campisi was identifying an in vivo marker of cellular senescence. This marker (endogenous Beta galactosidase), is a very good marker for delineating in vivo when cells have turned senescent. Senescent cells spew out all sorts of stuff, which is bad for surrounding cells/tissue.

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