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Gordon West-WB6NOA (born 1942) Prefers "Gordo" From Costa Mesa, California. Co-host of Ham Nation


It’s more than likely that there is not a Ham radio operator alive who has not heard of the name “Gordon West” or his call sign WB6NOA. Its been said, Gordo (as he prefers) is the leading ham radio educator in the USA today! Gordo has been teaching radio and electronics for more than 40 years. His fun approach to the material helps make learning a pleasure and easy to recall for testing. He is a convention speaker, Dx’er, teacher and author.

Gordo obtained his first ticket at age 15 and has been involved in ham radio for nearly 5 decades. Those that have seen the Gordon West 30 foot booth at major exhibits and arenas, see first hand the quality material offered in training, and Gordo’s personal enthusiasm. West has received the Hamvention, “Man of the year for 2006.” Also “Instructor of the Year” By the ARRL and Fellow of the radio Club of America.

Gordo has clearly earned substantial respect throughout the ham community for his clearly written and to the point study guides. He his wife Suzy N6GLF.... is also well known in the commercial licensing field and marine venues. Writing books is only one aspect of Gordo West and his life long dedication to the Amateur and Public Safety Service. Among other things he volunteers with the American Red Cross communications team in Orange County California.

Gordo regularly offers free kids classes and free classes for cities to support their CERT members. West said “We just finished one of the City of Beverly Hills training sessions of their DCS and CERT folks. I get a huge kick out of it and it keeps me motivated.” You could say “Gordo is really a VIP!” He is the leading technical radio instructor in the USA today! Partially scripted W5YI report -

Bio By: W8SU 2008

Lectures, publications


  • Dayton Hamvention, “Man of the year for 2006.”
  • “Instructor of the Year” By the ARRL
  • Fellow of the radio Club of America.

Personal life

Gordon West WB6NOA lives in Costa Mesa, California with his wife Suzy N6GLF and a few cats

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