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Green Tech Today
Episode 1

Green Tech Today 1: Set Green Phasers To Stun



  • NeighborGoods
    • Share what you have with those around you each need to use less stuff
  • A Greener Way to Recharge Batteries
    • Harnessing human movement to re-charge batteries. As you move, the batteries have magnetic induction motors in them that take some of the energy from the movement and convert it to electricity.
    • article link
  • Cutting CO2 from cement production
    • Using waste products from power plants to create cement in a fashion that doesn't create as much CO2
    • article link
  • The ARPA-E gets rolling
    • The DOE's Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E) has given out 43 grants for pushing forward research on energy ideas.
    • article link
  • Water meters in NYC
    • Internet connected water meters, put usage on the internet so people can change their habits.
    • article link
  • Flow Batteries
    • Solar and Wind don't always produce electricity when it is needed...solution: store some of it!
    • Stores electrolyte/oxidation chemicals separately (rather than like in a battery), so you can store the high-potential chemicals separately, then combine them through a high-efficiency electrode when the power is needed.


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