Green Tech Today 12

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Green Tech Today
Episode 12

Green Tech Today 12: Danish Wind

Top 25 Green Tech Innovators Series: Denmark's ambitious investments allow them to lead the world in windmill energy production.



  • History of Wind in Denmark
    • Wanted to be energy independent after energy crisis in the ´70s.
    • Led development of 3-blade turbines in the 80s
  • Investors
    • 22,000hrs (~8yrs) to re-coup money
    • Usually lasts for ~20 yrs
    • Creates jobs too
  • Samso
    • Town decided to go all out on wind power
    • Interview with farmer has wind turbines
    • Interview with electrician who setup his house





  • ad times:  :52 - :58 and 13:39 - 14:56

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