Green Tech Today 13

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Green Tech Today
Episode 13

Green Tech Today 13: Makani Power

Top 25 Green Tech Innovators Series: Using airplanes on cables to generate electricity from the wind.



  • Technology
    • Based on Kites (tethered to the ground)
    • Inspiration from the huge force imparted while kite-surfing
    • Uses an airplane wing-like kite, which flies in a circle...approximately the path that a wind turbine's blade would follow
    • Propellers on the kite convert the motion of the air to energy
  • Siting
    • Works better in low-wind, so lots more places in the US it could be put
    • Great for off-shore, because it doesn't need a huge counterweight under the water
    • Need to get FAA authorization for each specific location (like a wind turbine)




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Production Information

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