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Green Tech Today
Episode 2

Green Tech Today 2: Cool Roofs And Hot Tea

Keeping your roof cool, a high-tech teamaker, Google buying up wind farms, nanotech poo power (yes, really), and more!



  • Reflective roofs stopping global warming
    • Painting roofs white/reflective in hot/sunny areas can really cut down on air conditioner usage, saving both money on the energy bill and slowing global warming (by using less fossil fuel for AC).
    • Cool Colors Project
  • Tree Hotel
    • Hotel rooms built amongst the existing trees, up off the ground.
    • Bird safe windows.
    • Main site
  • Energy from Sewage
    • Harnessing the energy in waste...leaving behind waste that isn't as bad, everyone wins!
    • article link
  • Recovering power from water draining
    • As water drains down, it is releasing a lot of kinetic energy...especially in tall buildings. Put a generator in that grabs some of that and save $$.
    • article link
  • Google Investing in Energy
    • (non-profit arm) bought into an Iowa wind farm, looking at offsetting what they're using in their data centers
    • blog link



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