Ham Nation 11

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Ham Nation
Episode 11

Ham Nation 11: Ham Radio Communicates Via Satellite



  • Carole Perry talks about teaching ham radio to students
  • Clint is working the FM satellites with a handheld radio
  • George tests the crystal radio he built last week,

Notable Quotes

I was proud to be a part of the first Ham Nation palindrome episode number - 11. -K6LCS

Significant Products

The ANTENNAS page has links to all the antennas mentioned on the show (Arrow Antennas, Elk's log periodics, plans to build your own Tape Measure Beam, more build-it-yourself projects - and more!).

AMSAT-NA deserves your support!

Notice that great illuminated "K6LCS" sign in K6LCS' background - get your own from Jim's Engraving.

Links to the SATELLITE TRACKING PROGRAMS mentioned are on the TRACKING page. PocketSat (Palm, Android, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad), Nova (Windows), MacDoppler, SATme (Blackberry), HamSatDROID - and plenty more, including FREE online tracking info sites by AMSAT-NA and Heavens-Above!

K6LCS can be reached on the CONTACT page at ...

A mini-review of the process of making Episode 11 - http://tinyurl.com/K6LCS-HN11 - We had technical problems galore ... but had a great time!


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