Ham Nation 465

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Ham Nation
Episode 465

Ham Nation 465: PCARS Club Spotlight & 2020 YHOTY



  • Amy Leggerio, N8AMY
  • Chris Brault KD8YVJ


  • Bob, Gordo, Don Open show
  • CLUB SPOTLIGHT with Amy Leggerio, N8AMY and PCARS
  • Gordo Short Shots
    • Mobile Antennas
  • Don interviews Chris Brault KD8YVJ YTOHY
  • Amateur Radio Newsline™ With Don Wilbanks
    • Space Weather from Dr.Tamitha Skov
  • Bob talks Ham Nation 2020
  • Smoke and solder
    • Bob shows proper way to mount Coax Connector
  • Amanda brings us the Chat Room

Extra Info

  • hamnationcontest@gmail.com - Weekly Contest
  • Ham nation videos
    • hamnationvideos@twit.tv - Send your videos to

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