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Before you can contribute to the wiki you need to register and validate your email address. After you do this you are given the ability to create new articles and maintain existing ones. The main purpose of this site is to provide detailed information about TWiT, so new articles are always very welcome, but if you don't want to spend the creating new content there is plenty of maintenance work that needs to be done.

Before you start to contribute you should take a look at our Manual of Style which will give you a good idea about how information on this site should be displayed. After you finish reading that page feel free to jump right in.

What needs to be done?

  • Sometimes the TWiT staff need something on the wiki fast tracked and they turn to the community for help. You can view these requests at The TWiT Bulletin Board. Any requests listed on this page are considered top priority.
  • Spelling and grammar errors are the easiest to fix. This requires almost no knowledge of wiki syntax and is an excellent way to contribute.
  • Fixing formatting issues requires basic knowledge of editing syntax and an understanding of our Manual of Style.
  • Many articles need to be expanded. This will also require at least basic knowledge of Wikimedia editing syntax and an understanding of our Manual of Style.
  • If you see a link which is in red instead of blue it means it's a wanted page. If you believe you have enough knowledge about the subject to contribute, then feel free to click that link and create a new article.


The Official TWiT Wiki has a set of TWiT LLC and community created policies. Many of these policies can be edited by the community in order to improve the user experience. If you believe that you have an idea which should be incorporated into this wiki's official policy then please share it on that policies Talk page. Some of our policies are:

  • The Manual of Style which deals with how an article should be formatted and maintained.
  • The Deletion Policy which deals with when it is appropriate for an article to be deleted or merged with another.
  • The Protection Policy which deals with when it is appropriate for an article to be protected from being moved or edited.
  • The Block Policy which deals with disciplinary actions upon problem users.
  • The Privacy Policy describes The Official TWiT Wiki's commitment to protect your personal information.


If you have an issue with or a question about the content on an article you can use that articles talk page to start a public discussion. All you need to do is click the 'Discussion' link at the top and click the '+' next to the 'Edit' link to start a new topic of conversation. If your question or issue pertains to the actions of an individual user it is best to start the discussion on their 'User' page. This will tend to result in a speedier resolution.