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Home Theater Geeks
Episode 12

Home Theater Geeks 12: Deep Into Digital Projection and 3-D


Gene Dolgoff is the founder, CEO, and CTO of The 3D Source, Inc., which is involved in the printing of moving 3-D images for advertising and promotion, labels, financial payment and ID cards, and medical imaging. He holds the same positions at 3-D Vision Inc., involved with technology development of consumer 3-D TV and 3-D cinema. Mr. Dolgoff has over 45 years of extensive experience as an innovator and entrepreneur in electronics and optics, with particular emphasis on holography, lenticular and other forms of 3-D imaging, and displays. He invented digital projection and started the world’s first LCD projector company in 1988 (which he took public on NASDAQ in 1990), launching the digital projection industry. With funding from DARPA, he was instrumental in forging the digital direction of the US HDTV system. At the City College of the City University of New York, he majored in Physics, Mathematics, and Electrical Engineering, and minored in Physiological-Psychology. Mr. Dolgoff has published several papers in 3-D imaging, optics, holography, the brain, and LCD video projection, and has over 65 granted patents worldwide with over 40 others pending.



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