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Home Theater Geeks
Episode 8

Home Theater Geeks 8


Stacy Spears worked on various video technologies for Microsoft, including DirectShow, Media Foundation, VC-1, and Zune Instant-on 1080p for Xbox. Formed Spears & Munsil, with Don Munsil, to consult and create new benchmarks, and calibration discs, for the industry. Have worked in Digital Video Essentials Pro, Digital Video Essentials HD DVD and Digital Video Essentials: HD Basics Blu-ray edition. Re-built some of the static test patterns for Joe Kane on these discs. Also did majority of compression on the HD portions. Even provided technical support for AVIA for a couple of years.

Don Munsil is a software engineer for a variety of companies, including Sierra On-Line and Microsoft. He met Stacey Spears in late 90's and collaborated on several popular articles on video technology and on a benchmark testing process for progressive-scan DVD players, plus a popular in-depth article about deinterlacing that has won accolades from all over the industry. They worked together to create new technologies and tools for video processing, which led to the formation of Spears & Munsil to do video technology consulting and creation of calibration and evaluation tests. Don wrote all of the custom rendering tools and video processing software that Spears & Munsil uses to create test patterns. Stacey and Don are the authors of several patents relating to video technology and deinterlacing.



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