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Home Theater Geeks Show Notes
Shownotes Date Description / Guest(s) Episode Title
Home Theater Geeks 128 September 17, 2012 We're talking about Google TV and streaming aggregation. Aggressive Aggregation
Home Theater Geeks 127 September 10, 2012 We talk about all of the cool home theater goodies we saw at the CEDIA Expo. CEDIA 2012
Home Theater Geeks 126 August 27, 2012 Scott talks with Mark Waldrep of AIX Records about physical media vs online distribution, high-def audio, and more. High-Def Audio
Home Theater Geeks 125 August 20, 2012 Scott continues his discussion with Gene Dolgoff about 3-D perception and the holographic brain. The Holographic Brain
Home Theater Geeks 124 August 13, 2012 Scott talks with Gene Dolgoff about his new 2-D to 3-D converter box, and how you can submit your design ideas to possibly win $10,000! 3-D in a Box
Home Theater Geeks 123 August 7, 2012 We Kevin Wines, the imaging technology director at THX about future of video displays and delivery. What the Future Holds
Home Theater Geeks 122 July 30, 2012 We talk about the new multi-view 3D flat panel technology from MIT Glasses-free 3D at MIT
Home Theater Geeks 121 July 24, 2012 We chat with Martin Dornfeld of Surgex about AC power conditioning and management. Power to the People
Home Theater Geeks 120 July 16, 2012 Scott chats with Dave Duncan of Texas Instruments about DLP technology. Millions of Mirrors
Home Theater Geeks 119 July 9, 2012 Scott chats with Bob Heil about microphones, USB, pipe organs, speakers and all things audio. Heil Nation
Home Theater Geeks 118 July 2, 2012 Scott takes us on a tour of his new studio and takes questions from the chat room. THX Media Director
Home Theater Geeks 117 June 25, 2012 We chat with Geoff Tully about THX Media Director. In the New Studio
Home Theater Geeks 116 June 18, 2012 We chat with Tyll Hertsen, editor of Innerfidelity.com, about the difference between objective measurements and subjective evaluations. The Tao of Testing
Home Theater Geeks 115 June 12, 2012 We chat with Michael Fremer, editor of the new website Analog Planet, about his passion for vinyl. Journey to the Analog Planet
Home Theater Geeks 114 June 4, 2012 Everything you ever wanted to know about 4K and 3D but were afraid to ask. 4K Or 3D?
Home Theater Geeks 113 May 28, 2012 Finding the best best flat panel TV. Flat Panel Faceoff
Home Theater Geeks 112 May 22, 2012 We chat with Andrew Jones about his speaker designs for Pioneer. Good Speakers For Less
Home Theater Geeks 111 May 14, 2012 We chat with Juergen Herre about his work in perceptual audio codecs. Perception Is Everything
Home Theater Geeks 109 April 30, 2012 We chat with Steven Guttenberg about the value of audio measurements. Accuracy Schmaccuracy
Home Theater Geeks 108 April 23, 2012 Lon Bender co-founder of Soundelux is a award-winning Supervising Sound Editor on more than 60 films, talk about creating sound for movies. The Sound Of Movies
Home Theater Geeks 107 April 17, 2012 Leo joins Scott at NAB for a tour of the Canon, Panasonic, JVC and Sony booths. NAB
Home Theater Geeks 106 April 9, 2012 Since 1993 Bob Hodas has traveled the world tuning well over 1000 rooms, he talks to use about room acoustics and speaker placement. Make Room For Acoustics
Home Theater Geeks 105 April 3, 2012 We talk with audio legend Mark Levinson about music and the art of audio reproduction. Legendary Mark Levinson
Home Theater Geeks 104 March 26, 2012 We talk with James Kittle and Carlos Angulo about Vizio's latest TV developments. Vizio's Vision
Home Theater Geeks 103 March 19, 2012 Guest Bob Schulein inventor of a state-of-the-art 3D Active Ambient Professional In-Ear Monitoring System, and new recording method called "ImmersAV". Immerse Yourself
Home Theater Geeks 102 March 12, 2012 Scott talks to Renato Pellegrini Co-Founder of Sonic Emotion and his 3D audio technology. Absolute 3D Audio
Home Theater Geeks 101 March 5, 2012 Scott takes questions from the chat room in this week's episode. Asked And Answered
Home Theater Geeks 100 February 27, 2012 Scott talks to the legendary Alan Parsons about his career as a producer, composer, engineer and musician. Alan Parsons Live
Home Theater Geeks 99 February 13, 2012 Scott talks Jason Hartlove, CEO of Nanosys Inc., about his new Quantum TV technology. Quantum TV
Home Theater Geeks 98 February 6, 2012 Scott talks Sean Olive of Harman International about how to listen to sounds and subjective listening versus objective measurements. Listen Up!
Home Theater Geeks 97 January 30, 2012 Scott talks with his guest Diego Stocco about making music from just about anything. Music From Anything
Home Theater Geeks 95 January 16, 2012 Scott talks with his guests about all the latest electronics they saw at CES 2012. CES 2012 Wrap Up
Home Theater Geeks 94 January 13, 2012 Scott and Leo walk around the CES show floor. Live From CES
Home Theater Geeks 93 January 3, 2012 Scott takes questions from the chat room with Home Theater colleague, David Vaughn. A New Year With The Chat Room
Home Theater Geeks 92 December 20, 2011 Scott continues his chat from episode 91 with InnerFidelity.com editor, Tyll Hertsens about headphones and Tyll's favorite models of 2011. Stick It In Your Ear
Home Theater Geeks 91 December 12, 2011 Scott chats InnerFidelity.com editor, Tyll Hertsens about his recent article, Celebrity Headphone Deathmatch. Celebrity Headphone Deathmatch
Home Theater Geeks 90 December 5, 2011 Scott chats speaker designer Kevin Voecks about speakers. Speaking Truth To Speakers
Home Theater Geeks 89 November 29, 2011 Scott chats Audiostream.com Editor, Michael Lavorgna about all things computer audio. Stream On
Home Theater Geeks 88 November 21, 2011 Scott chats Panasonic North America's CTO, Eisuke Tsuyuzaki about 3D, 4K and the future of TV. The World According To Panasonic
Home Theater Geeks 87 November 14, 2011 Scott chats with Barb Gonzalez about the latest in media streamers. Streaming Mimi
Home Theater Geeks 86 November 7, 2011 Scott and Home Theater Magazine Editor, Rob Sabin, take questions from the chat room. Chat Room Q&A
Home Theater Geeks 85 October 31, 2011 Scott chats with Drew Major, CTO of Echostar Advanced Technologies about his work in IPTV. IPTV Update
Home Theater Geeks 84 October 24, 2011 Scott chats with John Atkinson of Stereophile Magazine about his recent lecture to the Audio Engineering Society about measurement and perception. What Is Reality?
Home Theater Geeks 83 October 17, 2011 Scott chats with Philip Clements of Solus Audio about H-PAS, an extended low bass speaker technology. How Low Can You Go?
Home Theater Geeks 82 October 10, 2011 Scott chats Derek Smith of SpectraCal about video calibration and the future of home video. Calibrating With SpectraCal
Home Theater Geeks 81 September 26, 2011 Scott chats with super audio geeks Paul Barton and Greg Stidsen about new headphones and a great new iPod dock that were introduced at CEDIA. Speakers And Amps And Line Arrays, Oh My!
Home Theater Geeks 80 September 19, 2011 Scott chats with THX's Laurie Fincham about the pursuit of high quality audio. Speakers And Amps And Line Arrays, Oh My!
Home Theater Geeks 79 September 12, 2011 Scott chats with Tom Norton and Rob Sabin about the recent Cedia Expo. CEDIA Wrap Up
Home Theater Geeks 78 August 29, 2011 Scott chats with Fred Maher of DTS about Neo:X and 3D audio. Massively Multi-Channel
Home Theater Geeks 77 August 15, 2011 Scott gives us an exclusive tour of his broadcast studio then takes questions from the chatroom. Chattin' With The Chatroom
Home Theater Geeks 76 August 8, 2011 Scott chats with Michael Fremer, audiophile extraordinaire and raconteur, about quality versus convenience in audio and video. Quality Versus Convenience
Home Theater Geeks 75 August 1, 2011 Scott chats with Gene Dolgoff, the inventor of digital projection about 3-D and holograms. The Future of 3-D
Home Theater Geeks 74 July 25, 2011 Scott chats with Gene Dolgoff, the inventor of digital projection and his wonderful work in 3D. 3D Mayhem
Home Theater Geeks 73 July 18, 2011 Scott chats with super video geeks Gregg Loewen and Michael Chen about video calibration. Video Super Geeks
Home Theater Geeks 72 July 11, 2011 Scott chats with music industry icon, Bob Heil about the early days of live rock-n-roll and modern day home theater. History, Heil Style
Home Theater Geeks 71 July 1, 2011 In this episode, Scott takes questions from the chat room. Inside The Chat Room
Home Theater Geeks 70 June 27, 2011 Scott chats with Chris Connaker about how audiophiles can get their fix of high quality audio from computers. Computer Audiophilia
Home Theater Geeks 69 June 20, 2011 Scott chats with SpectraCal President, Jeff Murray, about TV calibration. It's All In Your Head
Home Theater Geeks 68 June 6, 2011 Scott chats with SpectraCal President, Jeff Murray, about TV calibration. SpectraCalifragilistic expialidocious
Home Theater Geeks 67 May 23, 2011 3D test patterns and building a home theater with Joe Kane. 3D Reality
Home Theater Geeks 66 May 16, 2011 Scott chats with Barb Gonzalez about Roku and other media streamers. Roku Reconsidered
Home Theater Geeks 65 May 9, 2011 Scott chats with Jon Iverson about the changing world of media distribution. Gently Down The Media Stream
Home Theater Geeks 64 May 2, 2011 Scott chats with film and television veteran Ron Williams about his experiences in the industry. Veterans Day
Home Theater Geeks 63 April 25, 2011 Scott, David, and D.J. have a round table discussion of the next generation of 3D. 3D, The Next Generation
Home Theater Geeks 62 April 18, 2011 Scott talks with Home Theater's new editor, Ron Sabin, about all things audio and video. Home Theater's New Editor
Home Theater Geeks 61 April 17, 2011 Eisuke Tsuyuzaki of Panasonic, David Walton of JVC, Bob Ott of Sony. Live From NAB
Home Theater Geeks 60 April 4, 2011 Erik Aadahl, Sound Designer, Supervising Sound Editor, E Squared Movie Sound Magic
Home Theater Geeks 59 March 28, 2011 Sandy Gross from GoldenEar Speaker Legend, Sandy Gross
Home Theater Geeks 58 March 21, 2011 Jerry Mahabub Sound All Around
Home Theater Geeks 57 March 14, 2011 Bob Williams Runco Goes 3D
Home Theater Geeks 56 March 7, 2011 David Bales, AV Receiver Product Planning -Pioneer Electronics Pioneering Apple
Home Theater Geeks 55 February 28, 2011 JJ Johnston, Chief Scientist for DTS Reception Is Everything
Home Theater Geeks 54 February 15, 2011 Fred Bargetzi, VP for technology, and Josh Stene director of product management for Crestron In Control With Crestron
Home Theater Geeks 53 February 8, 2011 Steve Guttenberg, the Audiophiliac The Audiophiliac
Home Theater Geeks 52 January 25, 2011 Scott Ross, owner of AWOL Productions Stories From The Digital Domain
Home Theater Geeks 51 January 25, 2011 Robert Rich, owner of Soundscape Productions The Evolution of Music
Home Theater Geeks 50 January 18, 2011 Barb Gonzalez, the Simple Tech Guru Networked Media Mayhem

Home Theater Geeks 49 January 8, 2011 CES 2011
Home Theater Geeks 48 December 27, 2010 Ty Roberts, CTO of Gracenote By The Grace Of Gracenote
Home Theater Geeks 47 December 21, 2010 Dan D'Agostino, president of Dan D'Agostino, Inc. Audio Legend: Dan D'Agostino
Home Theater Geeks 46 December 14, 2010 Kevin Wines,Image Technology Director of THX, Ltd. THX Video Certification
Home Theater Geeks 45 December 6, 2010 David Reisner, film industry consultant specializing in digital cinema Inside Digital Cinema
Home Theater Geeks 44 November 30, 2010 Alan Kraemer, Executive VP and CTO of SRS Labs, Inc. 3D Audio
Home Theater Geeks 43 November 22, 2010 Tom Norton, senior editor for UltimateAVmag.com System Setup Tips
Home Theater Geeks 42 November 15, 2010 Nelson Pass, founder of Pass Labs DIY Geekfest
Home Theater Geeks 41 November 8, 2010 Theo Kalomirakis, President, Theo Kalomirakis Theaters Building Ultimate Home Theaters
Home Theater Geeks 40 November 2, 2010 Christopher Huston, Vice President for Acoustical Engineering for Rives Audio Stories From The Musical Trenches
Home Theater Geeks 39 October 26, 2010 Jeremy Kipnis, CEO of Kipnis-Studios. The Ultimate Home Theater
Home Theater Geeks 38 October 19, 2010 Don Stewart owner and partner of Stewart Filmscreen All About Projection Screens
Home Theater Geeks 37 October 12, 2010 Mark Waldrep, presidnet and founder of AIX Records and iTrax.com 3D Private Performances

Home Theater Geeks 36 October 5, 2010 Jeff Rona, contemporary film composer and recording artist Film Scoring Tales
Home Theater Geeks 35 September 28, 2010 Kal Rubinson, Contributing Editor, Stereophile, and Tim Norton, Senior Editor, HomeTheaterMag.com CEDIA Roundup
Home Theater Geeks 34 September 21, 2010 Bob Farinelli, President, Elan Home Systems All Around The House
Home Theater Geeks 33 September 14, 2010 Fred Manteghian, contributing editor for Home Theater Magazine One Reviewer's Opinion
Home Theater Geeks 32 August 31, 2010 Paul Thurrott IPTV Comes of Age
Home Theater Geeks 31 August 16, 2010 Walt Husak Dolby 3D

Home Theater Geeks 30 August 10, 2010 Kevin Collins Windows Media Center and Remembering HD DVD

Home Theater Geeks 29 August 6, 2010 Bob Carver Audio Legend Bob Carver
Home Theater Geeks 28 July 30, 2010 Paul Heitlinger Deep Into Media Center PCs
Home Theater Geeks 27 July 21, 2010 David Abrams Calibration Geekfest
Home Theater Geeks 26 July 13, 2010 Michael Fremer Analogophilia And The Sound Of TRON
Home Theater Geeks 25 June 29, 2010 Greg Le Duc 3D: The Good The Bad And The Ugly
Home Theater Geeks 24 June 14, 2010 Chris Kyriakakis Audyssey Odyssey
Home Theater Geeks 23 June 8, 2010 Tom Norton, Senior Editor, Video Technical Editor for Home Theater The World According To Tom Norton

Home Theater Geeks 22 May 25, 2010 Jon Iverson Audiophile Philosophy
Home Theater Geeks 21 May 18, 2010 Rick Dean State of 3-D
Home Theater Geeks 20 May 11, 2010 Alan Kraemer Psychoacoustics and Processed Audio
Home Theater Geeks 19 May 3, 2010 Etienne Fortin Into The 3rd Dimension
Home Theater Geeks 18 April 27, 2010 Joel Silver Hardcore Calibration
Home Theater Geeks 17 April 19, 2010 John Atkinson The Audiophile Perspective
Home Theater Geeks 16 April 12, 2010 Paul Barton Speakers And Ears
Home Theater Geeks 15 April 6, 2010 David Vaughn, UltimateAVMag.com Move Madness
Home Theater Geeks 14 March 29, 2010 Floyd Toole, Vice President, Acoustical Engineering (Retired), Harman International Industries, Inc. Acoustics and Psycho Acoustics of Speakers
Home Theater Geeks 13 March 23, 2010 Josh Kairoff, Chief Technologist for Display Engineering Inc. Plasma Geek Out
Home Theater Geeks 12 March 16, 2010 Gene Dolgoff, CEO/CTO, The 3D Source, Inc. Deep Into Digital Projection and 3-D
Home Theater Geeks 11 March 9, 2010 Jeff Park Demystified
Home Theater Geeks 10 February 23, 2010 Kevin Voecks Speakers Inside and Out with Kevin Voecks
Home Theater Geeks 9 February 9, 2010 Mark Waldrep, AIX Records High Definition and Surround Music with Mark Waldrep
Home Theater Geeks 8 February 2, 2010 Stacey Spears and Don Munsil Test Patterns and Video Setup with Stacey Spears and Don Munsil

Home Theater Geeks 7 January 26, 2010 John Dahl, THX All Things THX with John Dahl
Home Theater Geeks 6 January 19, 2010 Anthony Grimani 3-D And Room Acoustics With Anthony Grimani
Home Theater Geeks 5 January 9, 2010 Live From CES 2010
Home Theater Geeks 4 January 5, 2010 Don Eklund, Sony Pictures A Movie Studio's Perspective With Don Eklund
Home Theater Geeks 3 December 31, 2009 Andy Parsons 3D Blu-Ray with Andy Parsons
Home Theater Geeks 2 December 29, 2009 Joe Kane Video Geek-Out With Joe Kane
Home Theater Geeks 1 December 24, 2009 Tomlinson Holman Surround Sound With Tomlinson Holman