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As you may have noticed, the create post page has links to a number of templates. This is a tutorial on how to create a new show template.

Creating the Template

There are four key steps to creating a template on the TWiT Wiki:

  • Upload album art
  • Create an infobox
  • Create a preload template
  • Add template to the wiki

Uploading album art

If the album art for the show is not yet on the TWiT Wiki, you will need to upload it. If it is already on the wiki, note the file name and move to the next step.

  1. On the left sidebar in the "toolbox," select upload file.
  2. Upload the album art to the wiki. Make note of the file name.

Note: To find the album art, refer to Cover Art.

Creating an infobox

An infobox is the gray box found on the right side of every show notes page. Each show needs its own infobox for the show notes.

In order to create an infobox for a show, go to (use an underscore for a space). Then, press the create button at the top. Paste in the following code:

{{Infobox Episode
|Image file = IMAGEFILE
|Image size = 175
|Caption    = [[SHOWNAME]]<br/>{{pl|url={{{Episode|{{{episode}}}}}}|text=Episode {{{Episode|{{{episode}}}}}} }}
|Title      = {{{Title|{{{title|}}}}}}
|Host       = {{{Host|{{{host|[[DEFAULTHOST]]}}}}}}
|Hosts      = {{{Hosts|{{{hosts|[[DEFAULTHOSTS]]}}}}}}
|Guest      = {{{guest|{{{Guest|}}}}}}
|Guests     = {{{guests|{{{Guests|}}}}}}
|Topic      = {{{topic|{{{Topic|}}}}}}
|Recorded   = {{{Recorded|{{{recorded|}}}}}}
|Published  = {{{Published|{{{published|}}}}}}
|Duration   = {{{duration|{{{Duration|}}}}}}
|Episode    = {{{episode|{{{Episode|}}}}}}
|Netcast     = SHOWNAME
}}<includeonly>[[Category:SHOWNAME Show Notes|{{{episode|{{{Episode|}}}}}}]]</includeonly><noinclude>
Used to display information specifically about a [[SHOWNAME]] episode.


<pre>{{Infobox SHOWNAME
|Episode   = 
|Title     = 
|Host      = 
|Hosts     = <!-- use only if more than one host -->
|Guest     = <!-- optional -->
|Guests    = <!-- optional -->
|Topic     = <!-- optional -->
|Recorded  = 
|Published =
|Duration  = 
[[Category:Info templates|{{PAGENAME}}]][[Category:Show Note Template]]</noinclude>

Now, you must replace the following:

  • IMAGEFILE with the file name you noted earlier (1 instance)
  • SHOWNAME with the full name of the show (5 instances)
  • SHOWSHORTCODE with the same code you used for the album art (1 instance)
  • DEFAULTHOST with the primary host for the show (1 instance)
  • DEFAULTHOSTS with the primary hosts if there are multiple hosts. If not, just put the same as for DEFAULTHOST (1 instance)

Then, save the page.

Creating a preload template

Next, you'll have to create the actual show notes template. In order to do this, go to and create a new page. Paste in the following code:

{{Infobox SHOWNAME
|Episode   = <!-- type episode number here please, numbers only, no leading or trailing slash--> 
|Title     = 
|Host      = [[DEFAULTHOST]] <!-- change if necessary -->
|Guest     = <!-- use if only one guest, delete otherwise -->
|Guests    = <!-- use if 2 or more guests, example [[Guest]], [[Guest]], delete otherwise -->
|Topic     = <!-- if needed -->
|Recorded  = 
|Published = 
|Duration  = 

== SHOWNAME ___: == <!-- also replace episode number here -->
<!-- place brief episode summary here -->

=== Links and Topics ===

== Sponsors == <!-- delete if no sponsors -->

=== Audible ===
* Audible URL 

==== Picks ==== <!-- If this format outline is used, the Audible template might stand updating to add a margin-left, or otherwise, make it fit. -->
|title = TBD
|author = TBD
|narrator = TBD
|url =

=== Other Sponsor === <!-- Add as needed -->
* Link URL

==Production Information==
* Edited by: 
* Notes:

{{info|This area is for use by TWiT staff only. Please do not add or edit any content within this section.}}

Now, change the following:

  • SHOWNAME to the name of the show (2 instances)
  • DEFAULTHOST to the name of the host (1 instance)
    • If the show has multiple hosts, change the whole line to |Host = [[DEFAULTHOSTS]] <!-- change if necessary --> and change DEFAULTHOSTS to the names of the hosts.

Feel free to add anything show specific if necessary, such as gadget sections for The Giz Wiz, etc. Then, save the page.

Adding the Page to the Template Links

Most wiki editors do not have permission to do this. In order to add your page to the wiki, contact colin at twit dot tv or one of the other admins, and they can add your page to the links. However, as a reference, instructions for doing this will be below.

For Admins

Admins can add template links to the wiki. In order to do this, add the following link as part of the table on this page.

[{{PAGENAMEE}}&action=edit&preload=Template:Preload_ShowName New SHOWNAME]