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iPad Today
Episode 100

iPad Today 100: Happy 100th Anniversary to Us!

It's our 100th episode and we're celebrating by featuring apps, videos, tips, questions, ideas, & more from you, our amazing community!


Today's theme is...... YOU!

  • DEVELOPMENT! Web Developer Apps on iPad (i.e. the new Coda 2 / Diet Coda by Panic app for iPad offers seamless integration with the desktop app...slick!!)

- Steven Clark

  • GAME! "Slingshot Racing. As much as I love racing, I've never played a racing game on my iPad that was this much fun and totally unique. Instead of tilting the iPad side to side to steer a car, you tap anywhere on the screen and your car will become attached to a pivot basically, which is how you steer your car. Very clever and requires a bit of getting used to to get good. It's pretty challenging, but totally fun. It looks great even on my first-gen iPad! $0.99

-Barry Nolette"


PRODUCT Dustin sent us an AddyCase - $49

DUH TIP:Pedro's got a video duh tip for us!

  • Connect a wireless mic to your iPad"

ASK LEO: "I downloaded Bump and was able to transfer my contacts from my iTouch (2nd gen.) to my new iPad. Now I need help to transfer my calendar from my iPod Touch to my new iPad. The calendar is not in anything else but my iTouch. Thanks for the help and your show is very informative and entertaining. I have been listening to Leo on the radio on the weekends for years and even before that on TV.

-Leslie J. Shoquist"

SPEAKING OF BUMP: Bump from iOS to Mac



"In your recent MLB 2012 review, you indicated that our local games are blacked out, and you left it there as though we couldn't watch these games. the blackout of a game is only while the game is being played (and for about 90 minutes after the game is over). I can watch local games if I'm patient and wait 90 minutes after the game is over, which as long as my buddy doesn't call me and tell me who won is fine. also- MLB 2012 subscribers can watch any baseball game (back to the beginning of the season, for all teams) all season long, including spring training games. My friends really like to come over and watch special games like perfect games or no-hitters, and unless those games occur in your area or it happens to be broadcasted nationally, there's no way cable subscribers can watch those games. This is an awesome ability for hard core baseball fans. One downside is that when you watch the game through Apple TV or other boxes, you cannot review plays in slow motion (like you can on a PC).

- Daniel Newlon"

"I thought I'd try to see if you knew which app I used to create this collage. I remember I just selected a bunch of pics in my camera roll and it just plugged them in place. I think I was able to move the pics around ... I love it but after upgrading to iPad (new) I can't remember which app. Can you help???. Libby Travis, Dallas Tx "

"Greetings from Tokyo! I was just listening to your iPad Today 99 podcast where you went on about availability of SIM cards in Japan. The best pre-paid option for data-only SIM cards in Japan is b-mobile. They offer both regular and micro SIM cards, 3G or LTE. As a bonus, the cards can be ordered via Amazon Japan. Although Amazon JP won't ship those cards outside the country hotel address should be just fine. If it's within Tokyo or Osaka Amazon offers same day delivery. Hope this helps. Keep up the great job! Best regards, Slavek "

"I'm an avid photographer who is enjoying iphotography more and more. This weekend, Hipstamantic had a special on their special lens/films packs. While downloading them on my iPhone 4, I had the idea "how would Hipstamatic look, feel and work on the new iPad?" I'm happy to say it looks and works Brilliantly! The camera is razor sharp and photos taken on "high quality" process nearly twice as fast as on the iPhone 4 (approx 7 seconds regardless of film and lens combination)! Usually, I use the default black case in the app, but many of the alternate cases happen to look better. Another great item is double tapping the viewfinder gives a full screen view: on iPad, this view is like shooting movies full screen: photo composition is wonderfully simple. Best regards, Rodney"



"Hey @sarahlane and @leolaporte, I came across the Sticky Notes for iPad today and absolutely fell in love with it! App Cap anyone!? - @simplefreshlife"



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