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iPad Today
Episode 101

iPad Today 101: HopStop, 123D Catch, Barefoot World Atlas

Leo & Sarah figure out the Fancy app, HopStop for public trans, 123D Catch for 3-D photos, Barefoot World Atlas for geography/history, & more!


Today's theme is...... THERE IS NO THEME!


  • Jennifer wrote:
    • THE PROS:It's incredibly simple. You just tap the screen, type/dictate your note and you're done .It works just like real sticky notes around my computer screen - except the notes don't get lost, ratty or loose their stick. I set up my iPad next to my computer and there my ToDo's are, front and center, not hiding behind any desktop windows (see Virtual & Real image attached).You can easily color-code notes (I use different colors for Personal / Work etc.), You can make the font size really big for a note you don't want to forget - you can also easily re-size the notes, making small ones for not so important tasks and HUGE ones for really important ToDos.
  • "You can move notes around easily to prioritize - so when I open it up every morning at my desk I have a quick shuffle according to what I need to get done that day.There's not a lot of room - so you have to get stuff done in order to delete the notes to make room for new ones (could also be seen as a CON).I like that there is just one screen (or "list"), so I can't ignore my ToDos because I'm on a different List
    • THE CONS:If I use my iPad for something else the sticky notes are no longer front and center - out of sight out of mind!There is no iPhone version - a BIG con.... - and no web interface, therefore no syncing of ToDos. Because there's no iPhone app, adding ToDos while you're "on the go," isn't easy to do. There's no archive, so this is not for you if you need an archive of past ToDo's (although you can save notes in various ways as mentioned above)Deleting a note takes 2 steps - one step too many. It's not so good for long-term tasks, as there's limited space and no switching between "lists," as there's just one "screen."

I still struggle to manage all my ToDos (but who doesn't?), but I do feel like I'm getting more done now that I'm using Sticky Notes, mainly because they are so visual. This is really the only visually engaging ToDo list I've found - and that visual stimulus seems to be the key for me to getting things done. It is also simple, simple, simple - essential for any ToDo list."

"- Liked the app but the shameless self promoting with in ability to delete iTunes link when tweeting kills it for me. Tweets from sticky note attach 2 links. First one is self promoting iTunes link that automatically tries to take you to app store. Other link is the sticky note. Already deleted this app because of this.


APP STORE FEATURE: Yelp introduces support for America




"I have been looking around and can't seem to find an app that I would find really useful. I find myself adding sooo much stuff to my reading list and never seem to get round to reading it all, and I sometimes just 'skim' the article and don't take in the whole story. Is there an app that could read these back to you so I could listen to them whilst driving or working on something else. I know that things like this can read emails and messages etc but I can't find one that reads your 'reading list'?


"I have the first generation iPad ,32G, wifi only and color black. I looked up the trade in value at Best Buy(I bought it there)and I don't understand why my black iPad is worth so much less than the white one. They sell for the same price, so ,why? I am considering giving it to my husband, even though I could use the money . Your input would help me decide whether to buy a white New IPad or a black one.

I love your show and look forward to watching it every week! Thanks, Pam"

VIDEO DUH TIP: Dwayne has taken the duh tip to a new level!




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