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iPad Today
Episode 102

iPad Today 102: iOS 6! Maps! Siri! Passbook!

We go through our favorite iOS 6 features announced at WWDC, plus the "real" any.DO, BuzzVoice, RSS Talk, vjay, ichi, & more!


Today's theme is...... iOS 6 AT WWDC!

  • Siri is coming to iPad 2 & New iPad


  • any.DO correction! sarah featured the wrong one
  • Fake "AnyDo" renamed to "AnyThings"
    • re: any.DO:

I think it more a problem with the App Store than anything else. Hopefully, it will be redesigned soon - it looked as if there was a new one in the WWDC demos. Perhaps that's something worth saying on the show.

I'm sure the people from Chomp will have had an influence by now, and there side-store was much better than the official one. The Facebook integration, too, looked like it will work well for recommendations so I'd expect as soon as iOS 6 hits we'll see an improvement.

Best, Graham"


"Love the show. I was watching episode 101 "The Palindrome" episode and the topic of a text to speech solution for web articles, blogs, etc... was discussed. I immediately began looking for such an app in the app store using a variety of phrasing. I eventually came across an app called Lisgo Blog Speaker for Pocket (Read it Later). Because of very few reviews I was skeptical, but took the gamble on the $3.99 app. And I am happy to report I am glad I did. I encourage you to trying out, perhaps even an App Cap. Enjoy, Thanks.

David R. White "

"go back to Settings>General>Accessibility>Speak Selection> On, then just select the text in your articles in Safari or any app that allows for text selection and click speak (it might be in the second page of options of the pop-up). I would also suggest to turn the speech rate down otherwise it sounds like it is rushing.

Sent from my iPhone, Hunter (Andrew Dieb wrote us too)"




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