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iPad Today
Episode 103

iPad Today 103: Maps, Big Jambox, Zombies!

Leo & Sarah explore Next-Gen maps, use comfe hands, Big Jambox, Chad's cat can swipe, zombies, and more!


Today's theme is...... NEXT-GEN MAPS!


GADGET The Comfe comfedesigns.com

IPAD STAR OF THE WEEK: Chad's cat Waffles has perfected the 4-"finger" swipe


DUH TIP: "Recently I deleted a photo from my Camera Roll and then realized I needed it back. I went to my Photo Stream and there it was. All I needed to do was tap it, choose the ""send to"" icon (or whatever it is called) and pick Camera Roll. For me, this alone is reason enough to enable iCloud and Photo Stream.

- Sent from Barry's iPad"


"Hi Leo/Sarah,

Just watching episode 100 and saw the recommendation on BitGym.

This is an iPhone app, but you might be able to use it on the treadmill with the accelerometer activated as the tracking method in the settings on the iPad (though I haven't tested it as I run outside using GPS as the tracking method on my iPhone. Zombies, RUN! has been my savior with running motivation. It was originally a kickstarter project, but basically you select a mission, select a playlist and then run from zombies and collect supplies, in between songs there's a bit of dialogue and a story of the zombie apocalypse unfolds.

You can also enable/disable zombie chases in the settings which randomly sends a hoard of zombies after you, and makes you run faster for a minute or two.

Cheers, Angus in Australia"

"Hi SaraH and Leo, this is Bill from Los Angeles. I love my ipad2 but have not found an app that allows me to zoom when I am shooting video. I record my son's high school basketball games but cannot zoom in on a great shot? Whats up with that? Can you help me out? Thnx.

Bill from LA."


"I don't know if you have already talked about this app, but I really like it. I kind of "beams" your photos to any computer, a very easy way to show your iPhone photos on a big screen without having to set up anything. It's called Photobeamer and it goes with the site photobeamer.com Thanks! Keep up the good work!

Michael from Austria"



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