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iPad Today
Episode 113

iPad Today 113: Note taking apps, Drafts, Learnist, Spacecraft 3D

We cover the next-gen note taking apps for school & beyond, ThinkBook, Final Draft, audio editing choices, iPad hand-me-down tips, & more!


Today's theme is...... SCHOOL'S IN, STAY FOCUSED!

  • Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine
    • Photos taken of the Smart Notebook using the Page Camera are instantly skew corrected and photos of pages containing the new Moleskine Smart Stickers are automatically tagged and filed
    • Pre-Order Link

So, That Happened...

What's been going on in iPad land over the past week?

  • Virgin Media plans new iOS app for UK TV subscribers with video-on-demand, TiVo control, and more
  • Yanked iOS app Clueful is back as free Web software - iOS 6 will have privacy control panel for apps

Today in iWeird

Audience Feedback

Ask Leo

Just wondering if there was any harm in leaving the Personal Hotspot feature enabled on my iPhone? I noticed that the blue banner goes away when I put my iPad asleep. Just wanted to see if it's best to disable it when not in use. Thanks. Love the App Caps!

Fernando San Diego, CA


I am still using the ipad 1 and am looking to upgrade to either the new ipad or the ipad mini if its announced on the 12th september. I will give my ipad 1 to my 9 year old daughter. Could you suggest what is required in doing this? Will she need an itunes account (i'm not even sure she can have one at the age of 9). Can she share my itunes account without getting all the apps or messages i get? If so how? Do i need to set up a separate gmail account for her to use? I will use the restrictions section of the the settings but am interested in any tips on this subject.

Jerry Sent from my iPad


  • Anonymous wants to regain social control!


App Cap




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