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iPad Today
Episode 114

iPad Today 114: Pinnacle Studio, The Walking Dead, Viator

Leo & Sarah cover big app updates like Zaarly, SkyView, Kindle Fire HD vs. iPad, Bastion, Viator, & more!


Today's theme is......What's New in the App Store!

So, That Happened...

So, what's been going on in iPad land over the past week?

  • Amazon Kindle Fire HD gunning for the iPad
  • Apple Event set for next Wednesday at 10 a.m. Pacific

Audience Feedback

Duh Tip

  • Just discovered that you can move ""your"" thumbnail image in FaceTime

to any corner. -- Dana in CT


Thought you might find this interesting. Lady Gaga is telling her ""little monsters"" to ask specifically for iPads this christmas because she is going to release an app with her next album in 2013. I wonder how much of an impact this will have because of her large, devoted fanbase. This is the link to her post on Littlemonsters.com that explains how the app fits in and its features. The iPad promotion is at the end. - Niky

I am an independent iOS game developer and a big fan of your show. I wanted to mark the release of the iPad version of my game (Wordundrum) with a small tribute to iPad Today. Your weekly discussion of the app world was one of the inspirations for creating the game. Please follow this link for details on a puzzle I've made just for you and iPad Today listeners. The goal is to fill in the blank cells to have valid words both down and across (think Sudoku with words). I hope you enjoy the puzzle and thanks for the great shows! Alex

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