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iPad Today
Episode 115

iPad Today 115: New iTunes, EarPods, Gojee, YouTube

Leo & Sarah on the highlights of Apple's big announcement, new EarPods, an iTunes overhaul, Gojee for cooks, & more!


Today's theme is......Apple Updates!

  • Still No Talk of the iPad Mini

So, That Happened...

So, what's been going on in iPad land over the past week?

  • American Airlines is the first to get FAA approval to use iPads in ‘all phases’ of flight, saving some $1.2M

Audience Feedback

Duh Tip

Make Siri Clean Up You Alarms

Got a duh tip for you. I, like I suspect many people, use my iPhone as my alarm clock and rather than scroll through to find an alarm I've already set, which can be a hassle if you have a lot of them, I usually just create a new one. Before long I'll have 50 alarms all for one time which just further builds on the hassle of scrolling through them and if you want to delete them, you have to painstakingly delete each one individually.

Well, if you have an iPhone 4S, and thus Siri, you can simply tell Siri to delete all of your alarms and she'll do it! Now you can start off fresh without a long list of alarms to scroll through.

Thanks, Bruce

iPad Star of the Week


E-mail #1

I was watching your episode (#114), and I heard Leo say iPad users will be thrown off (not exact words) by seeing the share section for Pinnacle Studio include a share to Windows. I just want to say there are some of us out there that are multi-platform, I have an iPad that I love but love my Windows machine too, that dual-boots with Linux, also a Linux server for Nessus and has a Windows Server 2008 VM. My Xbox and my PSVita. Android phone and old Android tablet. I of course use Amazon for my movies since it's multi-platform. And finally have every intention on getting the Windows RT as long as its as good as I'm hoping. I love all of my electronics equally. Good job with the show, just wanted to let you all know that we still exist lol :-). -Tino

E-mail #2

Dear Sarah and Leo How can I view shows in succession. I am flight attendant who lives in the northeast. USA. My main trips are to Europe and as you know the tv in Europe Is generally horrible. I like to hear people speaking English. Yours truly, Adria (she also mentioned she likes when we're silly)

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