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iPad Today
Episode 116

iPad Today 116: iOS 6, HopStop, Nik, NFL Rewind

Leo & Sarah check out new iOS 6 apps, Tweet anew from iPad, catch up on NFL football, & more!


Today's theme is......iOS 6!

  • Other New Features...
    • Siri comes to New iPad
    • No Passbook on iPad?!
    • iTunes gets a makeover
    • Insert photo/video into email

So, That Happened...

So, what's been going on in iPad land over the past week?

  • Google buys Nik software, maker of Snapseed

Audience Feedback

Ask Leo


E-mail #1

Tim writes: Leo I updated to IOS6 today and was hoping to use Facetime on cellular so i went to turn this on in the settings it told me i had to call ATT so i did and they told me since i have unlimited data my plan was not eligible and i would have to switch to tiered data plan which will cost more money because if you start using Facetime on cellular then you will very quickly hit your data cap and go over. so my suggest is keep your unlimited data and just wait for a Jailbreak what a scam just to get you to use more data and cost more money.

E-mail #2

I know Leo is a big fan of MLB apps so I just wanted to give the NFL their due. Recently, I was In the App Store and saw NFL Rewind now has an App. This App is connected with an NFL Rewind subscription that in the past was only accessible via Internet on my computer. Now I have the convenience of watching games from previous weeks and even previous years on my iPad! Last year the NFL '11 app allowed me to access my NFL AudioPass subscription. The NFL '12 app now let's me listen via either teams radio feed to all live games each week! This is a godsend for people like me who travel 100% for work and often are in the road on Sundays during the games.

Ernie B.


  • Brandon called us with a silver lining for iPad 1 users?

App Cap


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