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iPad Today
Episode 12

iPad Today 12: Physics Games, Fraser Speirs, VLC & ZumoCast

Justify your iPad gaming addiction with Leo and Sarah's physics apps (hey, it's science!), Fraser Speirs of Connected Flow joins us to talk about world's first iPad classroom project, plus our app caps rule for both pirates and law abiders!



  • Steve Martin
    • Actor, playwrite, novelist, autobiographer ("Born Standing Up"), musician Steve Martin is on twitter as SteveMartinToGo
    • Steve Martin wrote to say that he is an admirer of Leo Laporte
  • App Cap Awards - Video Players
    • VLC Media Player - free
      • Plays videos in many different native formats without conversion.
      • Copy files to your iPad using App File Sharing in iTunes.
      • Won't play flash or some high definition file formats (.mkv)
    • ZumoCast -$
      • Streams media files from your desktop to your iPad over the LAN or the internet
    • We City - free
      • From the makers of We Rule




Narrated by TBD


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Production Information

  • Edited by: Jeff & Sarah
  • Notes:
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