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iPad Today
Episode 13

iPad Today 13: Fitness apps, iTunes-free syncing, singing huskies, & Remote 2.0

Leo and Sarah show off their fitness faves, how to ditch iTunes when syncing, Mishka the husky gets autotuned, The Big Picture, and more!



  • Fitness Apps
    • iFitness HD $4.99
    • Fitness HD $3.99
    • White Noise Pro by Tmsoft $2.99
      • "White Noise Pro is optimized for the iPad and provides advanced mixing and dynamic playback of sounds to create completely unique environments to help you relax or sleep."
    • WebMD Free
      • "Check your symptoms, access drug & treatment information, get first aid essentials, and check local health listings on the go, from the most trusted brand in health information."
    • WiFi scales
    • MyNetDiary $9.99
    • Pocket Yoga HD $3.99
  • Other News
    • New Yorker Free App. $4.99 per episode
    • PadSync Mac only not for PC
    • RIM announces the Playbook - a Blackberry tablet
  • Singing huskies
    • Mishka the singing Husky on YouTube
    • Autotuned with an iPad
    • Songs available on iTunes




Narrated by TBD


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  • ad times: :55 - 1:06 and 21:33 - 23:32

Production Information

  • Edited by: Jeff and Sarah
  • Notes:
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