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iPad Today
Episode 14

iPad Today 14: Clocks! Kanye! Zappos! Glympse!

Leo and Sarah show off world's best clock apps, celebrity iPad sightings, 45 million units in 2011, Zappos charm, Glympse stalking, and lots of jibber jabber!



  • Clock Apps
    • Emerald Observatory $0.99
      • Very pretty clock
    • Awaken $1.99
      • Digital clock, flashlight, photo viewer and alarm clock that will play from your music library
    • Progressive Alarm Clock
      • Lots of alarm features: Progressive alarm patterns (gets louder over time), Dream Journal, Sure Wake
      • Same company makes Zen Timer for iPad - Meditation Timer $2.99
    • You still have to leave the iPad running the app for alarms to work
    • Good Morning Sir Alarm Clock from thinkgeek
  • Do it yourself
    • Dan Morris make an alarm clock sleeping nook with [sugru
  • News
    • iPad: yup, still selling well
      • Apple is gearing up to sell 45 million iPads in 2011
    • iPhone on Verizon: looking solid!
    • The iPhone may be coming to Verizon
  • iPads in the wild
    • Kayne: iPads are sexy man
    • Michael Beasley: I love my iPad
  • More news
    • Moleskine+iPad fan rejoice: Preorder on Amazon
    • New goodies for Angry birds
      • 15 new levels
      • Golden Egg Sound Board
      • Localization for Efigs, Chinese, Japanese
        • Efigs = English, French, Italian, German, Spanish - thanks chat room!
  • Emails
    • We love you, audio fans! (Even though you're not reading this)
      • We will try to remember to spell app names
    • We're a motivation tool!
      • Shaun works out and watches iPad today
      • Shaun lost 35lbs using Calorie counter app by fat secret
    • Aluminium + iPad = art!
      • Henrik tells us you can draw on you iPad with aluminum wrapper around a pen
      • Leo points out you can also use a cheese stick



  • Carbonite.com Offer Code iPadToday
  • Carb #3
  • ad times: :49 - 1:00 and 26:46 - 29:10


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  • Edited by: Jeff & Sarah
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