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iPad Today
Episode 15

iPad Today 15: Best Baseball Apps, Home Button Wars, Cut The Rope!

Leo and Sarah bring the boys of summer to life on the iPad! The home button fire is raging out of control, why not to activate that 3G model, and your new addiction: Cut the Rope!



  • Baseball Apps!
    • MLB.com At Bat 2010 $4.99
      • The official MLB app
      • Follow your favorite games in real-time
      • Listen live to the announcers
      • Lots of stats
      • iPhone, Android and iPad
    • ScoreCenter XL Free
      • Follow your favorite teams
      • Live updating stats
      • Video highlight and news from ESPN.com
      • Covers basketball and other sports
      • "If you like ESPN"
    • Ballpark Envi $0.99
      • Optimized for iPhone, but
      • Current and historical photos of baseball stadiums
    • Fan Direct Free
      • For iPhone
      • For Philly fans - stadium specific
      • You can order while at the stadium
      • Mixed reviews on iTunes
    • ESPN iScore Baseball $9.99
      • iPad optimized, also for iPhone
      • Score your own games
      • For Baseball nerds
      • You can also use it for your own softball teams and leagues
      • You can export it
  • Review reading advice
    • Look at reviews for current version
    • Ignore best and worst reviews
    • Read the review text
  • News
    • Tampa Bays Rays crazy for We Farm!
    • iPads infiltrate political ads
    • $6 iPad stand
      • Bookstand that works as an iPad stand
    • Have cat, will prop
      • You can also use your cat
    • Duh tip: why buy a 3G iPad and not register the 3G?
      • For GPS!
    • Button controversy
      • Different viewers have different opinions about whether the home button can/should be on the left
      • Different cases - Apple and Dodo - have the button on different sides
      • Steve Jobs says there is no right way
  • App Cap Awards
    • Shutternitsch $7.99
      • The Eye-Fi is an SD card that will also send your photos over WiFi
      • The App allows you to upload from your digital camera direct to your iPad
    • Cut the Rope HD $1.99
      • Physics game
      • Starts easy and gets hard quickly




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  • SP #2
  • ad times: :57 - 1:11 and 34:58 - 38:14

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