IPad Today 17

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iPad Today
Episode 17

iPad Today 17: Radioliffic Apps, Mute Button Woes, iPad Cat Stands, Fruit Ninjas!



  • Radio Apps
    • Still no multi-tasking and background music until iOS 4.2 comes out for the
    • Pandora Free, US only
      • Inspired by the Music Genome project
      • Free; pro version is ad-free
    • NPR Free
      • Latest version fixes a lot of bugs in the old version
    • Pocket Tunes Radio 6.99
      • Lots of local radio stations
    • iheartradio Free
    • There are a bunch of others
      • last.fm
    • TWiT 0.99
      • The official TWiT app
      • Stream live and past shows
  • News
    • Amazon Windowshop for iPad
      • Rebranded and redesigned
    • Orientation lock switch will become a mute button in iOS v4.2
      • Leo is "mad as hell!" You can already mute holding the volume-down button!
      • Sara says this is consistent with the iPhone and you can still lock the orientation
    • Obama signed an iPad
    • What the Chuck?
      • The TV show Chuck showed an (fictional) iPad projecting holograms
    • Cats Stands of the Week
      • Flossie from the UK
      • Ash from Uniontown
    • iPads over wifi … safe or sorry?
      • There is a Firefox extension that will steal session cookies if the wifi isn't using WPA
      • Be careful on open access wifi
    • Viewer Q, Viewer A: can I use my iPad to replace college textbooks
  • App Cap Awards
    • TWiT fezzes can be bought from fez-o-rama.com
    • Eye Chart Pro Free for a limited time.
      • Test your eyesight
    • Fruit Ninja HD $4.99
      • Fruit slicing game!
      • iPhone version supports Apple Game Center
    • AluPens for iPad are available at Macinbag.com
    • The "AluStands" are here [1] (They're actually called UpStands), both are made by Just Mobile
  • The new MacBook Airs are available
    • Some people may prefer one to an iPad



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  • Carb #3
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  • Gazelle #5
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Production Information

  • Edited by: Jeff & Sarah
  • Notes:
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