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iPad Today
Episode 19

iPad Today 19: 4.2 App Must-Haves, Aweditorium, Magic Fiddle, 9-iPad Photo Shoots



  • iOS v4.2
    • Rumor mill says v4.2 will be released Friday November 12 10:00 Pacific time (Ed: nope)
    • v4.2 will bring multi-tasking to the iPad. Not all apps are ready for multi-tasking.
    • IM apps are a great candidate
      • IM+might not have been updated
      • Skype
        • Still just an iPhone app
    • Boxcar
      • An all-in-one push notification app
    • Audio apps
      • Can play in the background and be controlled from the media bar
      • Pandora FREE
      • Mediafly FREE
    • Alarm Clock Apps can also run in the background
    • v4.2 allows you to control the brightness from the media bar
    • The iPad switch becomes a mute control. But not for all apps!
    • Game Center
      • Apple's game social network. Their answer to the plus network and OpenFeint
      • Flight Control HD
      • Cut the Rope
    • Dropbox has been updated for v4.2
      • Ed: Presumably uploads and downloads can run in the background
    • AirPrint
      • Safari supports AirPrint
      • Mac OS X doesn't support it quite yet
  • iPad News
    • SkyFire is coming to the iPad
      • Allows Adobe Flash on iOS
      • Make $1M in the first week
    • RIM's PlayBook Tablet to sell for under $500
    • Sara played with a Samsung Galaxy
      • It's a 16:9 ratio screen compared to the 4:3 iPad
    • Verizon iPad ads are go!
      • Commercials are in the wild for the Verizon iPad
    • The Washington Post for iPad FREE now, pay next year
      • The New York Times App FREE and ad-supported
    • ETrade advertisement featuring babies and iPads
  • Ask Leo
    • Swap a battery, loose an engrave
      • Other manufacturers offer you an instant swap, or a wait time
      • But who upgrades a battery anyway
  • Viewer feedback
    • You can use an iPad as an office solution!
      • Gordon Rob doesn't use his laptop anymore. Documents-to-go for editing, Dropbox for viewing documents, and Jump $19.99 for remote desktop access
    • 9 iPads-as-lights photo shoot
    • iPad saves symphony musician a trip
      • Musician receives scores via email and plays them from the iPad



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  • Edited by: Jeff & Sarah
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