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iPad Today
Episode 20

iPad Today 20: Gluttony! Rage! Canines! Peter Rabbit!

Leo and Sarah show off 3 great apps for Thanksgiving, Google Voice, Boxcar, Lithuanian iPad protests (really), Rage, dog stands of the week!



  • Gluttony
  • News
    • Latest rumour for the release of v4.2 for the iPad, that brings multi-tasking and folders, is that it will come on 19 November 2010. There were issues with the gold master.
    • Google voice comes to the iPhone. Not the iPad though because it dials out via phone. Google voice is only available in USA and Canada.
    • Google Docs comes to the iPad. Docs are now editable on the iPad. If you do not have this yet and have a Gmail account it is being rolled out over the next few days.
    • Push notifications now available on the twitter app. Mentions, @replies etc
      • Sara also recommends Boxcar Instant push notifications for social networks, email accounts, RSS feeds, blog comments etc.
  • Questions for Leo
    • Is the iTunes backup faster with iOS v4.2? No, it isn't, but...
      • You can click the X during the backup to skip just that step
      • You can allegedly speed this up by turning off the "Report to Apple" feature. To do this connect your iPad to iTunes. Right click the iPad and click "Reset notifications". When you have done so on the next sync you get a message as to whether you want to send information to Apple. Say "No".
    • The Yellow Menace. What is the yellow "Other" stuff shown as space used in iTunes.
      • It might be crash logs, or app data. (Ed: or files that you have added to apps via iTunes)
        • if you are refering to the itunes space used bar..!

Other means allot of things, such as data stored from one of your apps, books, PDFs, etc. The only way you can reduce it is by removing such things as PDFs, books, and/or deletings some of the apps that download pages to your iPad. (brian in ri)

  • This week in iWierd
    • iPad spotted playing Angry Birds at the Kentucky symphony
    • Lithuanian protester spotted with an iPad
    • iPad in the airport. Delta customers can order meals via an iPad kiosk from certain gates at JFK and LaGuardia.
  • Cat/Dog pictures
    • Zoey the poggle in Nebraska
    • Milo the pup.
    • Becky
    • Mr Peabody the chihuahua
  • DUI
    • Jeff improved an Apple iPad case with an external keyboard and a hair band





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  • iPad version coming "cranberry sauce" soon

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  • Edited by: Jeff & Sarah
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