IPad Today 28

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iPad Today
Episode 28

iPad Today 28: Apps For Busy Folks, iOS 4.3 Goodies, Solar System, Prezi, Overdrive!

Leo and Sarah's favorite apps for GTD during busy times, Solar System for space nerds, Overdrive for library nerds, Prezi for PowerPoint nerds, and iOS 4.3 is gonna rock!



  • News
    • iOS 4.3 Available to developers. Supports MyFi-style hotspotting.The mute button can be configured to be a rotation-lock switch. 4-finger swipe gestures.
    • Rumours say that one day the iPhone and iPad will not have a home button.
    • iTunes Link College Survival Guide available from iTunes
    • Overdrive. Borrow e-books from public libraries



Production Information

  • Edited by: Jeff & Sarah
  • Notes:
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