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iPad Today
Episode 3

iPad Today 3: Office On The Go



  • This Episode Filmed At...
    • TWiT Cottage in Petaluma
  • iPad Spotlight: Whine of the Week (Whine of the Week is new)
    • Whine 1: No Foursquare iPad app yet?!
    • Whine 2: People who think they can get away with charging extra for an iPad version of an iPhone app and not making said apps Universal across all devices
    • Whine 3: We want Apple to make pressure sensitivity a part of the iPad ecosystem for developers to create wonderful art applications and for artists to use said iPad apps to create good art with items like the PogoSketch from TenOne Design
  • The App Cap Awards (Fezzes from fez-o-rama.com)
    • Sarah's Pick
      • MeowMania (Free)
      • Note: This is an iPhone app but works at 2x on the iPad.
    • Leo's Pick(s)
      • Cat Piano Concerto ($0.99)
      • Play a piano where instead of hearing a piano sound when stroking the keys, a cat sound of your choosing emanates from the iPad
      • Osfoora HD ($3.99)
      • Don McAllister turned Leo on to this app, it is the best iPad Twitter client Leo has seen yet


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Production Information

  • Edited by: Erik
  • Notes:
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