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iPad Today
Episode 30

iPad Today 30: iOS Madness at Macworld 2011!

Leo & Sarah hit the floor at Macworld 2011 to see what's new for iPads and iOS, download apps, find the best accessories, create art, throw things, and sing beer songs with Germans!



  • Apps and Hardware from the Show
    • Fling is a tactile joystick for iPad. It gives you ultimate control over any game that has an on-screen joystick.
    • Gymbl is a versatile grip & tripod for the iPhone
    • TouchUp for iPad is a brush-based photo editor for iPad.
    • Peterson's app Make quick and accurate identification of the birds around you with the intuitive and simple to use Peterson Guide to Backyard Birds. Now with 180 birds (nearly 50% more than in previous versions), and search functions by name or family, this app for your iPhone or iPod Touch can help you easily identify more of the birds you see regularly.
    • iGrill communicates with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch via a secure and long range Bluetooth® connection.
    • Case Genius from ZooGue is an adjustable stand and case for the iPad that allows any angle from zero degrees to almost 90. $49.99. See here
    • TouchUp iPad only. "TouchUp brings creative photo editing to iPad, enabling anyone to make common adjustments and create captivating art with their photos. TouchUp has over a dozen effects which can be applied in nearly unlimited layers to your photos."
    • Photocase for your iPad or iPhone. Ipad $30 and iPhone $20. See here The apps lets you choose a photo and design then send to subcostume where is it printed on to a hard plastic shell
    • Ektopad from uzibull.com is a silicon cover beefs up the feel and gives gamers something to supple to clutch. See Here
    • "This iPad™ case is unlike any other. We've all seen the cases that prop it up in different angles but, the Sleeve360 allows one to tether it to your hand! In addition, it rotates 360˚ and obtains all the other functions you've come to expect in a quality case."
    • "PARAT Solutions develops and manufactures innovative products designed to charge, synchronize, transport, store and protect multiple mobile devices."
    • Projector for the iPad $449.



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