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iPad Today
Episode 31

iPad Today 31: Messaging Apps, The Daily Goes Daily, Honeycomb Looms, Trickle, SimCity!

Sarah and guest host MG Siegler of Techcrunch on the best messaging apps, the Daily launch, the imminent Honeycomb effect, SimCity, True Grit, Trickle for Twitter, and more!


Today's Theme: Messaging Apps!

So, That Happened

  • The Daily is here
    • great design, intuitive
    • hard to tell what it updates throughout day
    • fights with Pandora on audio pages
    • no hyperlinks.. so much unreferenced material

Show And Tell

  • MG says Verizon's Hotspot feature works well...good for non-3G iPad owners?

App Store Noobs

iPad Stars of The Week

App Cap Award

Sarah's App

MG's App



  • ad times: :50 - 1:03 and 39:42 - 41:53


  • ad times: 1:03 - 1:15 and 58:40 - 1:02:30

Production Information

  • Edited by: Jeff and Sarah
  • Notes:
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