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iPad Today
Episode 32

iPad Today 32: Anti-Valentine Apps (that are cool all year), Square, Intellivision, DIY earbuds, iPad 3!

Sarah and guest host Ron Richards of iFanboy have Valentine's Day food/drink/music/fun alternatives, iPad 3 (yes, 3) rumors abound, Sarah shows Square, Ron gets nostalgic with Intellivision!


Leo was on a boat and was not a part of this episode.

Today's Theme: Love! And how to avoid it on Valentine's Day.

  • Opentable See available tables at restaurants, and reserve a table right from the app. Supported restaurants only.
  • Goby Find things to do, museums, restaurants, ect. even your towns "hidden gems" can be found in this app.
  • Movies by Flixster Movie trailers, showtimes, and ratings provided by rotten tomatoes. Also Netflix, Facebook intergration. Top Tip: use the sites "movies I want to see" feature to bookmark upcoming movies!
  • Bandmate See what live music is playing in your area, links to music on your iPad, or your last.fm account. For $2.99, Ron didn't sell the viewers on this, suggests using SonicLiving.com instead. Sonicliving.com isn't optimized for the iPad, but still works well.

So, That Happened

Today in iLuxury

Christopher Grey, Chief Technology Officer of Intelity:

1. Environmental controls via wifi to pre-configured controller in each room, hard wired to lights and thermostat.

2. We turn on security restrictions including application purchases, deletion etc.

3. (can you use same app for different hotels) If you search the iTunes store for ""Hilton Bonnet Creek"" you'll find their app using the same technology (minus room controls). It uses an access code (given out by the front desk) for any transactions you may want to enter like a wakeup call etc We have a number of iPhone apps out there as well. While they are individual per hotel today we are working on a global, multiproperty version that I expect will be out mid year.

Life in the App Store

  • Grey's Anatomy app syncs content with episode Kind of like shazam for tv, app will listen along as you watch Grey's Anatomy on your TV. Gives you social commentary, deleted scenes. Kind of like DVD or blu-ray extras on your iPad for live tv?


App Cap Award

Ron's App

  • Intellivision
    • Old School apps for your iPad
    • Sponsored by VH1
  • Astrosmash!

Sarah's App

  • Square
    • Take payments from customers, friends, etc. on your iPad/iPhone.
    • Square charges a small fee for transactions.
      • Swipe transactions cost a bit less than keyed in transactions.
    • Square device plugs into headphone jack, for sliding credit cards.
    • Squareupp.com
    • Device is free, signup on the website and tell them where to mail it.
    • Can add tax, items in the app, or just charge a flat amount.
    • Square gets fashionable



Production Information

  • Edited by: Jeff & Sarah
  • Notes:
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