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iPad Today
Episode 36

iPad Today 36: Surviving Tax Time, Zite, Naturespace, Bluetooth Earbuds, iPad 2 Magic Cover!

Leo and Sarah show off a few apps to get you through tax season, Apple's Austin pop-up iPad shop, Zite vs. Flipboard, shamans in Naturespace, and the Magic Cover!


Today's Theme: Tax Time Apps

  • TurboTax Specific to US tax. Does not import your last years tax. The app is free.
  • 2010 Tax Reference Leo shows us "junk".
  • Pageonce Like Mint, but optimized for iPad and able to add more account types. Links to H&R Block for taxes.
  • My Tax refund Check the status of your refund. Made by Intuit.

So, That Happened

Viewer Tips

iPad 2 Discussion

  • Turns out Sarah has had an iPad 2 in her home and Leo didn't know. Sarah loves the iPad2 and the Smart Cover. Leo renames the show Android Today.
  • Leo and Sarah discuss white iPad vs. black iPad based on Lynn's video call.
  • Lynn also asked about moving data from one iPad to another.
  • Phoneview offers a backup solution when transferring data between iPads.

App Cap Awards

Sarah's App

  • Naturespace "Naturespace Holographic Audio provides an audiophile-class listening experience to all headphone users, including earbuds. Our 3-D ambiences transport the listener like nothing else on the planet. It is a truly profound new way of listening to the natural world."

Leo's App

  • 50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic "National Geographic Magazine has searched its vast archives to find its most memorable photographs. This application brings National Geographic’s 50 Greatest Photographs to life with the rich features and functionality of iPad™. Learn the stories behind our most iconic photographs, watch videos from our photographers, buy prints, share photos with your friends, and even connect to Your Shot to enjoy top user-submitted photography."



Production Information

  • Edited by: Sarah
  • Notes:
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