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iPad Today
Episode 37

iPad Today 37: Front-facing cam goodies, SXSW cheers, VideoHunters, Incredibooth, iMovie tricks, GarageBand jams!

Straight out of the SXSW pop-up store, Leo and Sarah have honest iPad criticisms. Plus, front-facing cam apps, iMovie, GarageBand, Videohunters, Incredibooth!


Today's Theme: Front-facing camera goodies!

App Store Feature


  • Richard Spector at Apple Store in Natick, MA

"I arrived around 2:00pm where there around 40 people already in line. When it opened there were about 500 in line. I was in and out of store in 10 minutes & had my choice of any of the 18 Ipads available. This store sold out of the 3G models shortly after I purchased mine. They sold out completely around 6:45 leaving 50% of the crowd without a new Ipad. The store staff advised those still waiting to call on Saturday around 12:00 to inquire about a potential shipment of new Ipads. Overall I was very happy with my experience but many were not due to the lack of inventory."

  • Gary Wilson in Simi Valley CA:

"Here are a couple of pictures taken at 5:02 on Friday at the Apple Store. The line of customers was almost two blocks long."

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