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iPad Today
Episode 40

iPad Today 40: Print Like A Pro, Instagallery, Tiny Planets, Bing!


Today's theme is...... PRINTING!

iPad News This Week

  • BGR Reports say 2.4 Million iPad 2's sold. Compare that to 100k Xoom's sold.
  • Viewer Video "Donaster, Melbourne Apple store. I was 25th out of approx 600 people. I got the 64gig, 3G black iPad2. I love it!!" - Chris Martin, Cameraman - Channel Seven News
  • Bing for iPad Supports instant search, voice recognition, and gestures. Leo makes a case for not using search apps.
  • Atari's Greatest Hits 100 classic Atari games for iOS out now, iCade cabinet coming in June.
  • The Killing pilot Two hour pilot of The Killing available in iTunes for free.

Viewer Duh Tip

  • Duh Tip: Use Smart Cover as a cleaning cloth!

"When the iPad 2 was announced, along with its smart cover, everyone was quick to point out the relative pointlessness of the microfiber cloth side. It is true, when used as a cover, that microfiber cloth really doesn't do much.

However, if you fold the smart cover into its typical triangle, you can actually just detach it and use it to wipe the screen. With a few strong, sturdy swipes, it does a great job of cleaning the screen. The best part is, unlike many cloths companies provide with their devices, this one doesn't get used once and lost among desk clutter (at least that is my experience)!

Finally, a simple solution to the fingerprint-loving screens of our iPads! Matt from Cincinnati, OH"

Idea of the Week

  • Viewer Idea: Route calls through iPad

"I've been looking for a particular app for ages and can't seem to find it ...... Imagine the situation ........ Sitting on the train on an evening on the way home. Watching iPad today .... headphones on, enjoying catching up on the weeks events. Suddenly iPhone in pocket rings ..... cue scramble to pause video, whip off headphones, whip out iPhone and try to answer before it diverts to voicemail. Wouldn't it be great to be watching your iPad and a little button appears answer or reject the phone call via Bluetooth, if you accept it routes your call through your iPad to the headphones you're already wearing. Now I'm not a developer but if this existed I'd pay for it...

Thanks and love all the twit shows Paul (from Ireland)"

App Cap Awards

Sarah's App

  • Tiny Planet Photos "Take a photo, or choose a photo from your camera roll and with one tap, convert it to a tiny planet for free. Or push the photo inside out into a tiny tube! Then save it to your camera roll or share it with your friends on Twitter or Facebook."

Leo's App

  • Instagallery "View a gallery of Instagram photos in comfort on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. See some popular photos or sign in to to see photos from the people you follow, view your own photos, "like" photos, read and add comments, see what users your friends follow, etc."



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