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iPad Today
Episode 43

iPad Today 43: Notability vs. Moleskine in our note-taking app roundup! Houzz! Qwiki! News.me!


Notation! Notation! Notation!

  • Leo used Evernote for an accident to document intersection, damage, and driver info.
    • Recently updated
    • Useful for saving tidbits of your life
  • Moleskine
    • How do you pronounce Moleskine?
    • Only works in protrait mode.
    • Can embed a picture.
    • Sarah isn't crazy about the app.
  • Notability (sent in by Chris Niles)
    • example of notes from a recent biochem class
    • Able to record while taking notes. Notes line up with recording.
    • Great for students.
    • Can save out to email, DropBox, iDisk, WebDav, or print. Leo's favorite feature.
    • Chris likes that you can take notes in outline form easily.
    • Leo and Sarah both recommend.
  • Simplenote
  • Plaintext Syncs with DropBox
  • Hypernote
    • Different interface than most others.
    • Drawing assistants and shortcuts to create objects to add to notes or drawings.
  • ThinkBook
    • Good for outlines and organizing
    • Syncs with DropBox
  • Choose the app that fits your needs.
  • Leo's picks are Evernote and Notability.
  • Penultimate (Sent in by Larry)
    • Useful for handwritten or diagrams.
    • Larry uses for guitar lessons.


  • News.me
    • Joint effort from New York Times and bit.ly
    • Like Flipboard but based on who you follow
    • Pulls from Twitter
    • $0.99 a week subsciption
    • Only pulls from other News.me subscribers
  • Leo mentions Links for TWiT. Follows news sources.
  • Qwiki
    • Based on Wikipedia.
    • Leo and Sarah love it.
    • Reads you information about the topic.

iPad Today Stars of the Week

"You can see Snowball serving as the iPad stand, and Gus keeping things tidy down by my feet.

We all love the show, so keep up the good work. (And, because of you I reserved an easy-to-remember URL through Hover to redirect family and friends to my Picasa page!"

  • Leo goes on record that he wanted to skip this section.

Ask Leo

"I just can't decide which to get: AT&T or Verizon. (both the ipads will be 64g wifi/3G). We live in an area better served by Verizon than At&t (but most of our ipad usage is wifi at home anyway) I'm grandfathered in on At&t's unlimited usage plan--so should I stick with it for this reason? I know when we're in Europe only the AT&T 3g will function...but in Europe or China etc, I'm guessing we'd also be mostly on Wifi at hotels anyway.

Is it true that At&t is faster than Verizon?...but even so, is it noticeably faster?. We don't do gaming, but use the internet, email, and watch movies and tv shows downloaded before we travel.

By the way, you both worked with my daughter, Lindsey Arent, when she anchored Tech TV.

Thanks so much, Nancy Jacoby"

  • Leo advises staying with AT&T to keep the unlimited plan.


"Like the caller on episode 42, I too had issues with my brand new iPad2's wifi connection dropping every few minutes and not reconnecting. Like Leo, I thought it was an issue with signal strength but the the iPad was still dropping its connection when I was sitting next to my router.

After doing some research, I discovered that the iPad does not like routers set to support mixed speeds. My router was set to support 802.11a-n. While the iPad supports 802.11n my desktop PC only supports 802.11g so I set my router for 802.11g only. Voila! My iPad has a rock solid WiFi connection even at one bar when I am upstairs in my bedroom. Not sure if this is a bug with the iPad's network interface or if it is with my cheap-o Netgear router. Whatever the case, I am now able to enjoy my iPad.

-David in Honolulu"


  • Mark the book lover in Albuquerque
    • Eligible Kindle books and can be loaned to the iPad from a Kindle.
    • Leo shares one Kindle account with his wife. Beware of WhisperSync causing conflicts if you both tried to read the same book at the same time. Works better for taking turns.
    • Donating eBooks is a good idea, but not aware of any way to do that.


  • Sarah's tip
    • Smart Cover can erase hotel magnetic key.

App Cap Awards

Sarah's App

  • Houzz Interior Design Ideas "As seen in the Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, TUAW: With over 100,000 photos and 250,000 ideabooks, Houzz has the largest database of home design ideas on the net. Browse photos by style, room and location and save them to your virtual idea book — it's the equivalent of clipping design magazines to a scrapbook — making ideas easier to search, save, and share. Experience Houzz.com as an iPad app and save your photos locally for offline access. Find everything from local designers to architects and contractors who can help you realize your ideas. The best part is, browsing your idea book, they'll get exactly what you're trying to do."
  • Sent in by Jason.
  • Has a design community behind it.

Leo's Apps

  • Kings and Queens by David Starkey "Using his most recent book, "Crown and Country", as his framework, Dr Starkey charts almost two thousand years of British history. Users can browse through timelines, tap into family trees to trace royal lineage, and explore overarching themes of the last two millennia to create a ‘total history’ of Britain and her monarchy. Watch and listen to Dr Starkey through the use of extensive and exclusive video, as you dip in and out of the abridged text of the critically acclaimed "Crown and Country". The app also features live footage of the latest twist in this extraordinary royal saga: the wedding between HRH Prince William and commoner Kate Middleton.



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