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iPad Today
Episode 48

iPad Today 48: Summer vacation must-have apps, Hipmunk, open tabs on Square, Order & Chaos, djay!

Leo & Sarah show off the best summer vacay apps/podcasts, Order & Chaos for WoW fans, djay for pros & novices, Square goes dongle-free, Remember the Milk!


Today's theme is...SUMMER VACATION GUIDES!

iPad News

Ask Leo

"Why did they not include the Arrow Keys on the virtual keyboard. When I try to tap on the screen to edit text it takes me multiple tries to get to just the right spot. It would be so much easier with the arrow keys. Is there an app for an enhanced keyboard or some shortcut I am missing?

Chuck Yengel Aircraft Maintenance Manager Kabul Afghanistan"

App Store Feature

  • Square gets a nice iPad update
    • Square Card Case
      • Tabs, Directory, Menus and Receipts for Merchants
    • items for shelves, different views

iPad Today Case Of The Week


"Hi Leo and Sarah, A few weeks ago I submitted a video which you played on iPad Today (THANKS!) In the video, I stated that it would be great if the ""Keynote Remote"" app on the iPhone could control a Keynote presentation on the iPad. Well, today, Apple updated Keynote on the iPad, and presentations can now be controlled - via WiFi OR Bluetooth - by the Keynote Remote app. I suppose I should have just waited a few weeks before submitting my video to you guys. --Tom Costello"


"Hey Sarah and Leo, Great show. By the way, Leo was talking about the problem getting the print edition of the Wall Street Journal and getting the digital. What you can do is suspend the print edition and still have access to the digital and you can go up to 24 months suspending the print edition and get the digital for free. --Anonymous Viewer"

Ty sent us a voicemail and wants due dates in Evernote

App Cap Award

Video Of The Week



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