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iPad Today
Episode 49

iPad Today 49: We've got iOS 5!

Leo & Sarah show off iOS 5, Find my iPhone's update, Financial Times goes rogue with HTML5, Artrage's WWDC event, Songkick for concerts, Evernote Peek for trivia!


Today's theme is...COUNTDOWN TO iOS 5!

Popular Viewer Question

  • What about iCloud for people who share an iTunes account but selectively sync only certain apps?

iPad News

App Store Update

  • Find My iPhone (Free)
    • New Features Such As:
      • When you can't locate a device because it's offline, you'll receive an email when device comes back online and is located
      • Remove an offline device via the app

iPad Art Show


"I just found out that I've been a victim of an iTunes Scam. According to iTunes while I was asleep this morning I "downloaded" KingdomConquest -- a Sega app for the iPhone. Afterward the remaining balance from gift cards on my account save for 6 cents was drained by in-app payments to this MMO game. Itunes shows the app on my account, though I've never heard of it. When I checked the game listing on iTunes it is nothing but complaints of other victims who likewise have had their iTunes accounts drained dry by the app, and most NEVER downloaded it. Apparently this has been going on for a while. What is going on? Have you heard anything? Apple seems to be quiet about this ongoing theft. Can we trust Apple to key unauthorized hands out of card balances? -- Mark A. Brinkman, Duluth GA"

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