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iPad Today
Episode 50

iPad Today 50: 60k Free Books, Maps, & Infographics!

Leo & Sarah share 19th Century British lit, obscure world maps, Chart Soup, and Wikipanion for avid readers - all free! Plus Palimpsest for article, Fanhattan for movies/TV, and a lot more!


Today's Theme is...RAD STUFF TO READ!

iPad News

App Store Feature

How-To For GarageBand

iPad Spotted in the Wild


"The app I use most on the iPad is Flipboard, I use it everyday sometimes several times a day. But I am worried that Flipboard is burning venture capital and urgently need to monetize their services. I might be wrong, but personally I cannot see how they can monetize without ruining the user experience with adverts. I doubt that charging a few dollars for the app will cover the money they have outlaid. I know Spotify always charged for the mobile edition, but I have stopped using the desktop version due to the restrictions and charges, just hope the same does not happen with Flipboard.


"In Episode 49 you didn't mention Apple's new feature Automatic Download, and it works for 4.3 devices too. On the iPad, you enable 'Automatic Download' in the Store section of Settings. Then, on the computer in iTunes download any app on your computer. The app instantly starts downloading on your iPad (if you are logged into the same iTunes account) Love the show.


PS: Split keyboard is awesome on iOS5"


  • "Hi, this is Sean from Reno, Nevada. I have the iOS 5 on my iPad too and you guys were talking about double-speeding podcasts and I love doing that and I do it with video podcasts, just makes things go ten times faster. But, you can never AirPlay double-timed to your AppleTV because it just thinks you're fast-forwarding. But with iPad mirroring in iOS 5, you can double-time it because when you mirror it it mimmicks it. Just wanted to tell you and your users about it.

App Cap Award

  • Sarah's App
  • Leo's App
    • Fanhattan (Free)
    • Entertainment discovery on the iPad across Netflix, Hulu Plus, iTunes, and ABC.

iPad Star Of The Week



  • GoToMyPC.com offer code iPad
  • GoToMyPC -13
  • ad times: :46 - 1:04 and 18:03 - 19:43


  • ipadtoday.hover.com offer code Ipadtoday
  • Hover -6
  • ad times: 1:04 - 1:16 and 33:04 - 36:41


  • Netflix.com/twit
  • Netflix -2
  • ad times: 1:16 - 1:31 and 47:35 - 50:54

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