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iPad Today
Episode 51

iPad Today 51: Embrace the Browser!

Leo & Sarah show off some browser-friendly sites that don't need apps, Hipmunk gets iPad-optimized, TripIt gets better, Cinq Photo is awesome, Grocery IQ is sweet!


Today's theme is...EMBRACE THE BROWSER!

iPad News

App Store Update

  • TripIt (Free) gets iPad updates!
    • Add/edit plans from within iPad app
    • Create turn-by-turn directions using itinery, current location, or address

Duh Tip-Home Button

"Not sure if this is widely known and I'm just a moron but... Often when I'm reading stuff on my iPad whilst holding it in landscape mode I accidentally press the home key. This obviously switches me back to the home menu. Not a great hardship but it is annoying. Anyway I noticed the other day that if I realise I have pressed the home key and just keep it pressed for a few seconds before releasing it, nothing happens and I can continue doing what I was doing. Love the show guys. Regards, Gordon Robb Scotland"

iPad Today Star of the Week

  • It's a human this week!
    • "Sarah & Leo, I spend many hours a day in my wheelchair and I love my IPad-2. I must move regularly, changing positions and pressure points. Holding my IPad-2 can be difficult as I only use one hand. My son knows how much I love my IPad-2 so, for Fathers Day, he created this wonderful device. It allows me to use the IPad-2 with without danger of dropping it. It is so very cool. Can you help me name it? I call it Pad-Neck. What do you think--Dave Graham, Liberty Lake, Washington"


"I feel one of the best features of iBooks is managing PDFs. I have found that if I'm in safari and have a PDF open, if you tap and Hold the screen there is an option to open in iBooks. This will then down load the PDF and store the PDF on a shelf. iBooks let's you have multiple book shelves. This is great for me because I store all my user manuals on the iPad in PDF form and then organize them by topic. Bruce Millar"


  • Tim has a question about charging his iPad 2 via USB on his PC.
  • Danielle wants to know if you can import YouTube videos to iMove for editing.

App Cap Award



  • Squarespace.com offer code ipadtoday6
  • SqSp-6
  • ad times: :48 - 1:03 and 18:55 - 21:16


  • Freshbooks.com
  • Freshbooks -3
  • ad times: 1:03 - 1:14 and 32:02 - 34:27


  • Netflix.com/twit
  • Netflix -2
  • ad times: 1:14 - 1:31 and 43:49 - 47:44

Production Information

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