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iPad Today
Episode 56

iPad Today 56: 99 Cent App Store!

Leo & Sarah's $0.99 app picks, Craigslist alternatives, NASA Viz, How Stuff Works, Print to PDF, & more!


Today's theme is......99 CENT APP STORE!


  • Kindle app removes in-app purchase button


"Hi Leo, Sarah,

You mentioned Steve's method to share a browse session using VNC in episode 55.

An easy way for people to share a browse session using iPads is to run the VNC server on a Mac or PC (or even Linux box) then both browse to that computer from their iPads. Or they could use GoToMyPC to do so while mobile!

No jailbreak needed and the performance would be better especially if the server machine has a fast network connection.

Ciao for Niao! PeterSW"

TINY TOWER TIP: "So I resisted the urge to get Tiny Tower for my iPad, despite the fact my friends and people I follow on twitter were raving about the game. That was until you mentioned it on iPad Today and I downloaded it and immediately got sucked in. Last night I was looking online for some strategy hints to see if anyone had suggestions on what to build when. I came across a video that said all you needed to do was set your clock forward a few hours and tiny tower would think time had passed. I couldn't believe it, when i got my first computer, a Mac Plus, I use to change the clock date to get and extra day on demo software. Most developers quickly figured out how to fix this workaround by os 7 or 8. When i tried it I found it worked and my new floor was build and i had earned a couple of coins over the elapsed time. Normally I'm not one to go to such extremes to get though a game but I could not believe such a simple hack would work."


"I have an IPad related question. I've noticed that there is a wide variety of options to print from an iPad, but I do not need a hard copy. I was wondering if you guys new of a way to print a webpage, that I'm viewing, to PDF format. In doing this, I could print a hard copy, if needed which is practically never. This would be very helpful.

Sincerely Bryan from Bellflower CA"

  • Print to PDF is your cheapest/easiest option
  • Goodreader will easily save .html if that's all you need
  • eurosmartz has a bunch of apps to help with this but they're all over $9



  • sarah's app - NASA Visualization Explorer
    • media experts at Goddard Space Flight Center made this app
    • contributions from scientists, writers, producers



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Restoration Hardware

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