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iPad Today
Episode 58

iPad Today 58: Accessibility Apps!

Leo & Sarah on accessibility apps, Rdio's new interface, Amazon's Cloud Reader, Facebook Messenger, 123D Sculpt, OLO, & more!


Today's theme is...... SPECIAL NEEDS APPS!

"Email from Chris: I am writing from Buffalo NY about the special needs application on the iPad.

Lets start with two that Apple already includes on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

1. VoiceOver: VoiceOver is a screen reader that gives totally blind users complete access to the device. Lots of applications are accessible.

2. Zoom: Zoom is a character enlargement program for partially sighted users.

You can turn them on in settings/general/accessibility. If a blind user is not able to turn them on from the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, Apple makes it possible to turn on VoiceOver or Zoom by connecting the device to iTunes."

  • "As a speech/language pathologist working in an elementary school there are several apps I use in my treatment session with kids but the app I use the most isArtikPix. I also use my iPad to keep track of my schedule, evaluations, and data from treatment sessions. I am looking forward to documenting kid progress via pre and post videos of my kids this school year. Keep up the good work. Your podcast is very informative. Congratulations on your new digs ;-) Cyndi Shepard"
  • Autism Apps is great resource for finding accessibility apps for the iPad or iPhone. The apps are categorized into over 30 categories. Each app has links to online reviews and videos. View more details and download Autism Apps at TouchAutism.com.


  • Rdio app is live
    • through In-App Purchase, one month’s subscription will cost you $14.99. Through their own site, it’ll cost you just $9.99. Pro Tip: go through the site.
  • Facebook launches Messenger - old Beluga team


  • "I am sure you guys will discuss the new HTML5 Amazon Cloud Reader on your next show, but please, for the love of all that is holy, don't discuss it as the rest of the tech media has as a "workaround" to Apple's policy or an attempt to "counterstrike" Apple's new in-app purchasing in iOS.

"First, because the app is not merely for the iPad, but an attempt to create a cross platform application for current and future platforms. More interestingly, the Cloud Reader app, on iOS, is using tools that Apple has implemented for the purpose of such web apps directly.

"iOS allows HTML 5 web apps to store databases locally on the device (See "Settings>Safari>Databases"); iOS even allows web apps to be saved to the home screen with custom icons and when opened in Safari, iOS will hide the browser toolbar so that the interface feels more native. Apple has repeatedly said and has indicated with all the support in iOS that they support both an open HTML 5 platform and the curated native app store.

"Ugh, just had to say it because it is so hard to keep reading articles about this online that seem to ignore or miss this obvious point! :-)'

Love the show, Duane Andrews"




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