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iPad Today
Episode 60

iPad Today 60: Video Fever, Inkling 2.0, Appetites

Leo & Sarah show off the newest apps for watching all sorts of video, Appetites for budding cooks, Inkling for textbooks, accordion apps for bands, & more!


Today's theme is...... BEST VIDEO SOURCES!


"Hi guys,

It would be great if you the show you could compare the quality of SD and HD content of videos on itunes to see is the extra dollar is worth it. This would be very useful for many of us. Loving the show. Thanks, Alex"

  • with Airplay it matters
  • SD vs. HD: it matters on a big screen!


  • HP TouchPad frenzy over the weekend - Hulu blocked, need to pay for Hulu Plus to view vids


"I am a big iPad fan and recently got to try out a new EEEPad Transformer to see what it would be like as a learning tool as opposed to the iPad (as I work in a school). I have to say I was surprised to see that the performance wasn't as good as my original iPad 1! I thought it had a dual core CPU in the EEEPad? Anyway I decided to video the results and send them to you.

Love the show.

Wayne Longton West Auckland North East England."


"Maybe this is a super-duh tip, but I just accidentally discovered that if you tap the icon for an app while it's downloading on your iPad or iPhone, it pauses the "Loading..."!

Not sure how often that would be useful, but still interesting to know.



You may wish to send a camera crew to the first educators iPad conference in Michigan. See: www.macul.org/otherevents/ under October 21st. Hopefully the conference will present a better example of how the iPad is being used in education (which may not be all that different than your episode but still good to know.)

Dr. Lucian Parshall, Executive Director Michigan Council for Exceptional Children"

"Wanted to share that I found my friend (who has the little boy with some learning special needs) a GREAT buy on an iPad 1 at the Apple Store site refurbished sales area. $350.00 for a 16 GB, wifi only, with new battery & case, etc., and a 1-year warranty. She can afford this so much more easily than a new one.

Best from an absolute iPad Today fangirl, Judy Reagan - New Orleans"


  • email from Mitch, who's since returned home from Afghanistan:

"I'm here in Helmand province with the First Marine Expeditionary Force. I thought you'd find it interesting that the Marine Attack Helicopter squadrons have been using iPads in the cockpit for about a year now. They've been such a game changer that other platforms (F/A-18s and F-16s) have begun to use them, to include our coalition partners."


  • leo's app - Appetites appetitesapp.com, $4.99


For more information on the Hohner SqueezeBox apps please visit the Hohner SqueezeBox Home Page



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