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iPad Today
Episode 63

iPad Today 63: Turntable.fm, VidRhythm, Machinarium!

Leo & Sarah tackle the latest social iPad apps including Blogger, Formspring & Turntable.fm, Brazil's iPad factories, iPad subway thieves, Machinarium & Leo's VidRhythm!



  • app1 - Blogger
    • google.com/support/blogger, FREE
      • publish posts, save drafts, & access drafts from your computer or a different mobile device. take pictures directly from the app and add those pictures to your post.
      • available on Android for 6 months

iPad 2 Giveway for our Audience: Which file or program on your home or office computer would be most helpful to remotely access on an iPad? Tweet your answer by September 20 along with the hashtag #ipadtodayfree and you’ll be entered to win a new iPad 2 from GoToMyPC.



"I would like to keep track of the hours that I work. Do you know of any apps that I could get to do this. I would like it to be iPad and iPhone if possible. I would like to keep track of two different hourly rates, overtime, holidays, bi-weekly pay periods. I would like to be able to set a default work schedule for each day and be able to tweek it from there. I have looked but was a little over whelmed with the choices. Thanks for your show and making learning fun."


"1) I have an original iPad that I use for a lot of things, including recording and taking notes during meetings. I'm looking for a bag that can become my everyday bag that can hold the iPad plus accessories PLUS the Apple Keyboard, but that isn't "casual". Help?? 2) How about a show/section that highlights apps you have covered previously that have had major updates? For instance, Auditorium Notes by App-Apps just came out (a little bumpily) with some functionality updates. Leo mentioned that app in one of the earlier shows, so I got it and I use it all the time. 3) What to do with your old iPad? Is there anything that can be done with them other than sending it into "second-hand" shops? Are there any charities that are looking for "gently-used" iPads?


"Leo, in episode 62 you said that only old men carry money clips. To quote Monty Python, "I'm not old, I'm 37!" I started to use a money clip a few years ago when I went to using cash only. It was much better than sticking a wallet in my back pocket and having to sit on it at work and when I drive. So thank you sir for offending your 37-year-old-male-money-clip-using demographic. Sarah is now my favorite.

Thanks and "love the show" Jeremy from Indiana"

"I am just writing to inform you guys that my iPad 2 got snatched from me on a NYC Subway a few weeks ago. Yes it may be my fault that I was reading and oblivious to my environment on the subway, but I am just writing you guys to inform my fellow NYers to be vigilant on the subway with their devices as snatching is on the rise. Unfortunately I didn't have "find my iPhone" installed, so the police or apple were not able to triangulate the device. Also I got my meniscus torn during the incident.






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